good credit

Feels like I am closely staring into a blank sheet don't know how and when to react as I look at how a friend's financial statements from credit cards have cropped up in pile. I wonder how she manages them. Managing credits and loans, especially in this present time where almost all the basic commodities rise, can be quite tough and even nerve-wracking. Just thinking how much would be left from your salary if granting you're just and ordinary laborer. But of course, wise ones don't spend more than what they earn.

Found free credit and debt analysis online and thought this would help a friend and even all of us manage our balances. See also how credit scores work while analyzing your debt and take note this is for free!Hmm..will try this. To keep track of our debts from time to time so as not compromise our other expenses is a plus. My friend will love this.:)


Mari said...

The trick to be debt free is spend within our means.

Thanks for the visit, Ev.

ev said...

anytime Mari!God bless...