Noel Cabangon's song seems to depict childhood days when there was an airing contentment of life as being simple. The unwavering memories of classic that seemed to withstand the test of time. Now, we will no longer see those innocence.They have already flapped their wings and wandered from place to place to find meaning in existence. I like this song :-)


Mari said...

Yes, as we get older we flap our wings; we fly to the next town; the next city, and explore...then wander some more. I like the song.

Is this song your introduction to signing on? If so welcome back.

shoshana said...

Hello Ev, komusta ka na?

wITChy Boop said...

I miss you. Nice carpet here Bes.
You know in life we keep on wandering to find our joys but in the end (in my own opinion) we will come back (if not physically at least by heart) to where we have started. Tracking back, my our friendship started in the library, hmmm...I might come back there one time to muse over our happy days.

Hey, I have not heard the song yet, I'm using this old stuffy laptop but I'll be back to play the song. Can't wait.... I love you Bes

wITChy Boop said...

my (pls erase) hehehe

krystyna said...

I always like your songs. This is very beautiful. Thanks Ev!
I miss you!

Have a blessing time!

Love & hugsss

Nance said...

You're back. I miss your post, your jokes, your smiles, music ... heck, i miss everything about you! lol