A mascot came my way and so I grabbed its hand and took a picture. I don't actually know kung anong uri ng hayop sya..hehe! sooo big!! Minsan talaga pag tinutupak ako pati Mascot sa mga malls napagkakatuwaan ko and I feel like a child again.

"Never forget to pick where you last left your smile..."


Midas said...

I really can't tell either, but it's something with a tongue! LOL.

Ev, I got something for you here.

krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
What a lovely photo!
"I feel like a child again"- great Ev!
Be always happy!

krystyna said...

Thanks for these wonderful music!

Mari said...

It wouldn't hurt to feel like a child again. We all do from time to time, esp. here in cyberspace where no one really knows us personally.

wITChy Boop said...

sino bang natutulog sa kapag nagsismba dati? hehehe until now batang isip pa rin yun. Its really nice to take things lightly bes.... miss you

ghee said...

Hi Ev my dear!!

miss yah gurl!
its really nice to feel like a child again..me,i do appreciate every single and little thing together with my small students. :)

happy weekend!