A battle in Edsa

I have vague memory and very little understanding about the first Edsa Revolution. That was year 1986, one memorable event in the Philippine history when the administration of Ferdinand Marcos was toppled down after allegations of widespread cheating in the 1986 presidential elections. And then, Pres. Corazon Aquino took over. I was only a gradeschooler during that time. But all I remember were the scenes I saw on national television... and that out of my innocent thought, I knew it was just like a battle between the good and the evil.

Now, I'm a grown up adult. Who would thought that from my vague memory of Edsa I, I would still be seeing in my present time the same battle! And this time, much clearer than a crystal ball.

When we say, Edsa Revolution, its the people who rule. But what is it that I see and hear on tv.? The military and police officers who are supposed to protect the people are now the ones who hurt the people during rallies! And the government that is supposed to learn from the two Edsa Revolutions hasn't learned, yet it just keeps repeating the same old rotten mistake!

Sigh! When our children would ask us adults what is going on around them, should we not tell them the truth about our country that might only frighten them? or must we just keep in our self the battle that we are going thru as adults for their minds are too young to understand things? How many Edsa revolution will I still be looking forward from this year on while the government leaders continue with their selfish motives? Until when will the people's fight against a corrupt leader end? These are questions where answers might be beyond grasp.

This is such a tiring issue, when there's much we can do to be productive individuals than go to Edsa to cry for a protest but we must take part...yes, we must make intervention, because this fight is no longer between the good and the evil. It's already our fight for our children's future. Citizens of this country , still hoping that one day we are no longer wanderer in our own native land. So, help us God.


ann said...

I don't why do they need to celebrate the edsa revolution, wala namang nabago sa gov't.

BTW, bakit wala ka pang sponsored post dito?

Mari said...

"yet it just keeps repeating the same old rotten mistake!" How true, Ev. However, there are times that I think the corruption is fed by no other than the people itself. I've seen that even a police officer would not help without the "lagay." When I went home some years ago, there was a police officer who stood by while some men helped us load our baggages on a jeep. And when these men were done, he (the police officer) had the audacity to ask for money. My husband gave him some. I was so furious at my husband who willingly handed this scum the money. I would not feed their corruptness...never. My point is: we feed, they eat. Let them fish for their food, these SOBs.

Mari said...

Don't get me wrong. I give to those who deserve a little tip. Like when I went home in 2002 I took a taxi and I gave the driver a P20 tip and he was so appreciative; I gave a P100 to my cousin's "katulong" for laundering my clothes. I hope it helped them a little bit.

Thanks for letting me vent my....whatever.

lady cess said...

haay, my thoughts too. nakakapagod na rin.

ev said...

Mmy ann,

Napasip ako ah!hehe!honga..tama ka, we kept commemorating the event but nothing progressed...still history repeats itself. Sigh!;0(

sponsored post?hahay..I've very funny story 'bout it!actually wala akong offers eh!toinkz!;0)


yeah, somehow you're right..corruption also rooted from the people..you have very good observation actually. We feed them wrongly instead of teaching them the proper attitude about things.Hindi rin makapal ang mukha nung police na nanghingi ng lagay sa husband mo ano?and to think that he's a police officer!grrrr!

regarding the "tip" to the driver or the helper , i think it's a different story...it's just a reward for a good deed and they didn't ask for it in the first place.As you said, "they deserve it." And i don't see any act of corruption in it. 'Coz when we speak of corruption, there goes "dishonesty" for that matter.

lady cess,

thanks for your simple thoughts..yeah, really tiring but sometimes we have to grumble inorder to be heard.."somehow"..eh

wITChy Boop said...

tiring talaga bes... i stop reading headlines now sa newspaper. nundog na lang kung bs nga comics tripper ug shwbz na lang. nyahaaaa

ghee said...

edsa revoulution was a history ive ever witnessed in my whole life.i respect it and adore the people`s courage....and like you said,it became a battle against the gov?

silly silly act...gee,i have lots of problems here,ayoko na kayang problemahin pa ang politics natin sa pinas,hehe.

love u gurl!

allies said...

i love the song po,hehe..

and your site is my linkies na rin.tenk u...