Heart in mud..

A heart-shaped in a mud..while walking alone one fine starry evening.
...such love with so much expressions...


Mari said...

Hmm...you have good imagination.

Please, go to my blog and pick up your award.

tikey said...

At tlgang ready to go ang camera mo ne? hehe! advance happy hearts day!

Cielo said...

hi ev,

napaka observant mo, napansin mo pa yun hehehhe.

anyway gud thing ur camera is alwways handy

ann said...

Madalas sa mga clouds ang ganyan pero sa mud kakaiba di ba?

krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
Very beautiful and genuinely!
Love your music.

Have a wonderful, happy weekend!

ev said...

i missed my old phone..but now its damaged, i used to get good shots using it.

i am using another phone as i took this..medyo di ako satisfied sa shot pero ok na rin..this picture is so timely for valentines.;0)

happy hearts day to all..