so far yet so near..

how come new technology even keeps us apart? i just thought of the friends and relatives. just when i thought we could easily reach each other now through the aid of new tech (to at least stay in touch out of busyness) but it feels like things are on the other way around. we even hardly able to catch each other or schedule a get-together. i guess i just have to admit the fact that in this present time, gadgets have become people's substitute already to having an even personal encounter with people close to them. however, it's ironic that we have become even adept to keeping the distance..somehow i'm afraid that what we're actually building are fences instead of bridges. and perhaps i should have been even more afraid to realize that no one realizes that.

well, just a thought..it's late, gotta sleep.


Mary said...

maybe they became blogging addict? jk

that's a scary thought...building fences instead of bridges...something to think about.

wITChy Boop said...

i stay connected!
no walls at all

joan said...

haha! guilty man sad ta ani! hehehe

Nance said...

Opss, sorry, ev. that was me who made the (Mary) comment above. for some reason my blog was under my daughter's name and i did not realized it.

Anyway, Happy T'day!


Mari said...

Hmmm...isn't it good fences make good neighbors? Perhaps that's what's in their minds. Maybe. I don't know...I'm sleepy...can't think...well...zzzz...zzz

Good night. |-)

claire said...

so true.. sometimes, even the latest technology cannot keep loved ones closer.. and i also wonder why..

Nancy said...

ok ra ko evs...salamat sa paghapit. kaw musta?