they flock

Caught this flock of birds from where I sat for a long thought out of a lazy day. I wonder what's their agenda :-) For sure after they gather, they'll go separate ways to look for food and a new nest to stay.
(just click picture for wider view)

"And I wonder if they feel anxious too like people... for fear of not knowing where they're heading."


Mari said...

I often see birds gathered just like that, on phone or electrical wires here, and I wonder what they are up to.

Good shot Ev.

Midas said...

Hi Eve, I've always thought that birds knows where they're going...but if they don't I bet they panic

kulas said...


Birds normally follow a flight path. Yup, they recognized landmarks and fly according to what their instincts dictate. This is not considered thinking nor do they make decisions as human beings do.

Musta na pajourney-journey mo, ev?

krystyna said...

Look at the birds.... Bible said.

Great pic!


ev said...


We both wonder on them..sometimes it's fun to spy on how they think and feel..what do you think?hehe! Thanks!


howeee..they panic?well,sometimes they look restless when they go here and there.:)


Since when you've resurrected from the blogging world? Me..just recently..hehe! Too bad I can't view your page. Wazz up?

Thanks for the good thought you have here...I've learned something about birds at least.:)


Yeah,..the Bible. Thanks for the reminder.