Her countdown..

I wonder if America is now excited to see who will next reign her. Will it be Obama or McCain? So far, I have not heard of a very good governance, not even to my very own country. No matter what, there will always be antagonistic of it. When Bush rules, some say, somehow it made the economy went up at least within his tenure..and yet, it's still sad to realize that a lot of his countrymen still mocked him before he leaves his office. Perhaps due to the present downfall of America's economy or could be something else I am just unaware of. And I felt sorry for Mr. Bush, to most people's rating, he still ended up as a failure.

Now, supporters from both presidential candidates hailed their bet as if he can change the face of the earth or at least make a difference from the past presidents. We praise our candidates today and in the future we'll learn to hate them. All elections in my own viewpoint do not actually make any difference at all, whether it's happening in the Philippines or in some part of the world. As America makes her election countdown now, I can only wish her God bless and good luck for the next leader.

Well, I wish I can make my own countdown too for GMA to step down from the office (pero murag dugay pa..mas mo-mahal pa ang bugas!~haysstt).


krystyna said...

Smart thoughts, Ev!

I wish my new country
the best election!

I not vote yet.
Maybe next time I'll be a citizen.

Have a wonderful day!

Mari said...

It's only a few hours before the final day of voting. Millions have already voted, as the polls have opened already for the early birds. Those ones have made up their minds who is best for the country. It is a big turn out of voters; first time in the history of the nation. Some who never voted came out to cast for their candidate for the first time.

In any event, we'll see what happens.

Good post, Ev.

tikey said...

hay kapatid di ako makakapag vote... kc di ako nakapag pa register dahil sa sobrang kabisihan ko ke BAby Carl... waaaaa first time ko sana as a US citizen.. sayang .. maybe next time... pag hahandaan kona tlga un plamis!

Nance said...

there are pros and cons on each party, may the best man win. i'll go and vote after work tomorrow... probably a long line. :(