bird's-eye -view

In photography, this is what they call as "bird's-eye-view". As I stood from the last floor of the SM building (not thinking of course if I would jump..LOL! ), I remember my first choice when I entered college. I took Mass Communication.. but then after two semesters, I shifted into another field. From this photos' point of view, I thought I could feel the holiday rush from the people down there. Just glad, the colorful balloons brought life while business was going usual.


krystyna said...

It is good to see some things from "bird's-eye-view".
Good point of view.

Love and hugs to you, Ev!

tonet said...

well, well, taas jud. ayaw ambak!basin mapiang ka........jejeje

Mari said...

From the bird's-eye-view it looks like a colored layout of a plan. This reminds me of projects I did in my first year college.

Nance said...

That is a good shot, ev ... it looks nice and clean and those balloons made it festive!

wITChy Boop said...

well buhat sad ko ug wormview shot bes? hehehehe
mingaw nako nimo