i live in a third world country

"It is a not mistake that we are born in a third world country nor a luck for those who do not."

What would you feel if you see your countrymen, though college graduates but prefer to work their butt abroad in exchange of their college diploma and that of a family that is supposed to be intact, only to sustain the need of their loved ones? Or of those who couldn't just finish schooling and opted to be in a flock of domestic helpers even become victims, if not of their rude employers, then of their greedy agencies? How about women posting sexy photos online to get the attention of another whorelike creature in the internet, who took advantage waiting at any moment to devour an innocent one, as an exchange for a convenient life? Would you be happy to hear foreign men, thinking of your fellowmen, scammers? misers?

All for money. Forget about the virtues which some say, cannot feed a hungry family. Let's forget about the moral lessons taught to us by our great grandparents and even those values instilled to us when we were in kinder. Let's forget about what our heroes in the past fought for because what matters in this present time is our pursuit to "survival". I see that as time ticks, I am in a place where there is a literal implication on the survival of the fittest. But still I say, "it is not a mistake" that we are here facing the ill-effect of the present time while others have what they want in an instant.

Well, perhaps for some,this not the be- all and end- all of what living is all about. Perhaps, you still enjoy how your neighbors greet you every morning with a smile that cost nothing but an assurance that seems to say, "hey, life is good!" on your way to work. Or see joy how others, in their old age, feel the love and care of their children every moment of the day while others sigh and neglect to feel. Much more to say, I, for the most part, am still in awe how my poor fellowmen find strength in their faith each time I see churches filled with vast of people..regardless of whether they seek to Him for personal desires or that for others.

Had we only deeply realized what we actually have to cultivate, plow, develop,or even change our selfish ways then perhaps, some people around the globe would just desire what this third world country has. If only...to a world that is already deeply scarred, we can only hope for a brighter future.

Thanks for reading.

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