pep talk

I was talking to my cousin last night (with bowl of pop corns in between our knees..)who just finished high school. I asked about what course she would want to pursue in college. Taking a pause, I wonder what she was staring at. We were facing the computer screen and with such pride she turned to me saying, "I want to wear this one!". Little did I realize that she was surfing online for nursing uniforms. My cousin always amuses me with the way she sees things at her young age. "So you want to be a nurse?", I asked. She simply nodded. "Don't wanna be a teacher?", I added teasingly. She smiled and uttered almost a whisper, "I'm afraid am going to lose my composure once I start to get mad with my students. It's hard to stay beautiful and get mad at the same time." I laughed hard. :))

Another thing about her is that she always wants to look fashionable. Filled with excitement, she was closely looking at the nursing uniforms and scrubs and the nursing scrub tops on the computer screen as if imagining how she would look like and still in her own fashion statement even in uniform. I teased and asked, "You sure you really wanna be a nurse or you just like the scrubs?I can buy you one!?" She grinned. I remember her friend once said, "My cousin sometimes thinks like I do". Does it mean I am also as crazy as this young girl?" nahhh!:D

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