just a pat..

Sometimes you are in deep thought when you hear about people talking about their frustrations, regrets, and even their criticisms. And it helps a lot to be home from work, enjoying a conversation with people you consider your own. They're the ones who genuinely comfort you when you feel like you're down to your last gathered strength.

I haven't been this reflective in all the years that I've learned what it's like to go on out of a life where situations get high and then low. I think I want to THANK myself about being open to people and instances that are inevitable. And,oh yes, I am no exception to them, I could be one of them. Hence, this is not about me. I always remind myself that life is not just about me and the arrows that signal me where to go. Sometimes it's good when we forget about our own concern first and pause for a while to also notice how life's been treating others. They who simply need a listener, a pat on their back and a reminder that, "hey!it's OK." And it's worth the while. We all need to mellow to give way to what we might have missed hitting.

Humans are the most vulnerable creations in the world, the highest form of creations yet the weakest. And that no matter how much we thought of our selves as tough or winners in our own realm, still we come to a point when we need the surrendering and go back to that something tangible that keeps us going. You don't get all the answers in life. We only get to understand them because we are made to be patient like real winners to finally see what lies ahead and tell ourselves how we are in the making.

Slow down, however, persevere. That's what life is teaching me. And of course, learn to be happy. There are a lot of reasons to smile everybody. They are in the littlest of things. Some say, that's so easy to tell because life goes well for others. Yes, that is right. But the choice is ours to make. Will I start being happy now, or maybe later, when I get to my dreams?

Now, be like children at times. Be carefree..laugh,cry,dance,sing or play when you feel like. It makes you feel more human, yet, never lose that sensitivity.

Well, this is just one moment of contemplation when perhaps some people need a pat. Never fail to tell your self.."I'm OK." Yes, it helps...the mind does. :)


Ash said...

Perfect. Just what I needed to hear today!

Shoshana said...

a really good point to consider.

ev said...

Thank you Ash and Shosh for hopping on. God bless...

empressaloha said...

hi eves! let loose, just enjoy the minutes tick by.


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