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"When my students fight in front of me, throw objects at each other as part of their play (of which at times, the object would hit me), or when they become unruly, I feel like my monstrous countenance at that already brings trauma to their young minds..I am in mixed emotion after. At times, it has made me feel odd to have put myself in a stricter view in front of my learners. But I have to.."as teachers, we have to." Grown-ups nowadays are not what every parent expects they are at their best in school. Their values are no longer hundred percent out of the teachings we teach in schools and at home but are greatly influenced by our new technology that has become so adamant and of which we as adults have become so clueless as to how far it might lead our learners. How can I be so sure that they are still the hope of our future generation? This is the toughest question that continues to challenge the educators of today."

Few years had passed when I first heard a good friend affirming on the old cliche about "teaching as the noblest of all professions". I honestly did not grasp the thought that goes with it at that time. I have always believed that no profession is far greater than the other. All works require the hearts of us all. All being noble. As I hold true to what I believe, I thought I have fully understood what it means to be giving your heart in what you do. Venturing now into this new discovery about teaching as a profession, I then slowly realize what a good friend mentioned years ago and reflect what the present is showing me . It took me years to visualize that there is more to what I had very little anticipations.

The greatest challenge lies on the truth that a teacher does not only hone the minds of these individuals. Teachers don't simply teach and facilitate learning--- they affect lives. All come from different cultures, values ,and attitudes. And this is happening everyday as part of a teacher's lifestyle.

However, I always tell myself that I have no right to complain. This is the path I choose. If I've had serious regret, perhaps it's when there are some of us who do not understand what it means to be in the teaching profession.

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ferlyn jean said...

congrats ate... keep that fire within.. God bless!

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thanks for the lift couz!:)