Lord, we pray for the world today. The recent typhoons that did not only affect the people living within my country but also that of the whole world. We can do nothing without YOU. You are the only source of our strength and the only hope when our trust in our self is almost fading. Be with us Lord when we feel like there's nowhere to run..when we worry too much of this world than think of how to save the world that you have entrusted us. We are so sorry when we have become too selfish and think only of the world. Guide us Lord as we are sometimes weak in our faith. Remind us of the things that are temporal so that we'll know which are more essential. Lead us to a way that only You can fathom. Heal our wounded pride to think that we can do more of this earth and forget that we are actually limited. Thank you for being so forgiving of our shortcomings. May we be united in this time of crisis especially in prayer. Amen.


Mari said...

Hello Ev,

How have you been? Fine I hope.

Thanks for the visit. Have stayed away from my blog for a while, though at times I want to write my thoughts on it. But, can't seem to get my thoughts together.

Take care,


ev said...

Thanks Mari for your time here..I am well and doing good. As for blogging, I do feel the same way..haha!Maybe we're just more preoccupied to our personal life than go airing our thoughts in public.

Take care too and God speed!:)