One Great Love

I may be a devote catholic...i make sure i never missed sunday mass..i have always found real peace, inner peace when inside a church...i am loyal to my religion..i know that God is just everywhere..But i must admit that no matter how much i would keep that faith remain intact..a part of me is still controlled by the strong grip of the reality of life..a life that is so earthly...shallow...so physical...no profoundness...the search for a life that is so temporal...and i was starstruck one day to have gotten this text message: " I was searchin for true love but I couldn't find one..to my surprise, I found Him...hangin on the cross, dyin for my sins, a man named JESUS...may you find true meaning of Life thru HIM!"

Such a realization....and it's something amazing...He has to die for such a great cost..."TRUE LOVE".


tutubing_karayom said...

Ung iba hanap ng hanap ng boyfren or girlfren para daw magka meaning ang buhay nila, kaya depress depressan ang beauty nila kung minsan.

But dey never realized how good our God can be hindi ba?! mahirap imulat ang mata ng taong nagbubulag bulagan.

At ang layo ata ng comment ko sis sa entry mo no>! sana me sense! ehheh!!

ev said...

tama ka dyan sis...u actually have a point..minsan nga guilty pa ko kasi ganyan din ako at times.

tnx for the comment.