latest lingua...expressions...kaka!!!

"Chaka oi!"
"pa'no na itich!!"

....juz few of the expressions commonly heard...used by today's gen-X esp. gays..actually without meaning that's why its called "expression"..i wonder if there were expressions like these during the time of Rizal or Bonifacio...but of course there were gays during those era...jz that they might be more reserved than the present period...if this is the kind of language/expression that we can produce during this time, i wonder what else could our grand or great generation could utter many years from now.....and i hope they can still end up able to understand their own comfortable "lingua franca" (if i may call it) ...we filipinos are actually good at making joke out of everything that even politicians, high-ups or respected people in the society end up to be our laughing stock when they are imitated by mostly gays...nothing against gays...in fairness they're the most easy people to deal with..and these expressions mark our ability to entertain ourselves despite of the poverty that the country is facing....it helps in fact...no worry for the coming generation about not being able to develop a sense of good communication skills by finding these expressions as substitute to being lack of vocabulary...we have every now and then newly produced milks to create geniuses like "promil, sustagen, etc."...and truly kids nowadays have amazing reasoning! if these milks were already produced back to some decades in the past..wow!would i be able to avail it?i could have great mind!!hehehe...sometimes i would still believe that the milk helps...but sometimes its also the "genes" like how an ad goes...well back to "gay's lingua"..this is all i can say...."my motherich wrinkled when my gay friend phoned me and all we did the whole time were saying these expressions after every end of our dialogue!". For sure she was amazed but of no choice but to listen with her brow raised.:-)

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tutubing_karayom said...

Nawa'y hindi ka magsawa sa mga korning koment ko ha! hehe! ano na ngaba sasabihin ko? biglang ko na forget entry mo.

sa probinsya namin, medyo konti palang ang mga hitad na baklang rumarampa kc buhay pa ang mga lolo't lola nila. heheh!! takot parin sila sa mga makalumang style nina GrandMa at Pa. Pero buti nalang sa family namin wala pa khit isang bading. Ako lang tlga pwamis!! hahah!!

babaeng bading.. pero hindi malandi ah!!