its suMMer Tym!

it's summer vacation and evrybody's probably thinkin' how to spend their time maybe with their families, friends and lovers. might be thinkin of goin to the beach or a vacation to baguio or tagaytay.... mmm...i miss my bestfriend...she's got to travel back to GenSan with her only son for much bigger opportunity...i got to yawn when she texted me yesterday morning that she's leaving davao again for good...miss you bes!

...i woke up this morning without being in a hurry to be late for work....i guess this is the moment when i would savor my every waking hour like being able to stretch my body for a minute and look at idly out of my window to appreciate the sunshine. the kids are off for school.my long month off for tutoring...hayyy!got to breath enough! i'm also on a vacation. but not tonight coz i've work to attend...a detour far from teaching...i look around me..all of my siblings are out for work. mother is in the kitchen while popcy is outside the house tending his chickens that he's been raising since.oh..the house' so quiet. when was the last time t'was filled noise by how my brothers, sisters and I would quarrel over small things?...back when we were yet matured to work independently on our own and earn a living. now, the house has appeared to be like boarding house. i wonder what my parents could have been thinking. i know they're ok...being used into it. just that i realize it now.sometimes i couldn't help but worry for them, i just noticed while i talked to mama this morning, her hair has turned white..(though mom doesn't actually look like her age coz she's pretty...mmm..where i got mine?char lang!:-)...my folks are getting older and much of our time together is needed.it gave me a sense of fulfillment to be able to give them a good food-trip-treat out during my payday no matter how meager my income may be.no amount of money could pay the moments together,anyway.being with your family is such a real blessing.we might haven't grown up to be close and open to our emotions but we can manage to be for each other still during each other's crisis time.(y'know like talkin bout financial stability).anyway,oh!speaking of payday..just got mine today uh!mmm...what's new in pizza store or restau for the folks?but wait!!i only bought four items in the grocery this pm but twas almost a hundred pesos worth!uh!uh!think the EVAT has ruined my budget..tsk.tsk.

anyway,gotta off the topic... being at work this late...think i miss my pillow!but got to work first!!!

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