man's best fren

i don't know why i find such relief when i would begin to cuddle my pet dog..there's just this touch in her that melt the tough part of me esp. when she would start to sit on my lap and lick my face like i've been gone for years.

hidey..that's what i name her..she used to hide under the table,chair,cabinet or any place where she felt safe from being touched...the most aloof pup in the world..now my hidey is almost a year older...with her fur shining...she has such a cute face and beautiful hair that i can't resist to touch and hug...might be weird to be too fun with pets but i grew up lover of them..mind you..i never run out of tears each time my dogs before would get sick and even end up to their final breath..walang paglagyan ang luha ko!!!grabeee...ask my siblings and they'd be the first to laugh at my ka-weirdo-han!i remember a friend once told me "unsaon na lang kaha daw kon uyab na mawala!"...deep inside i felt ashamed and even laughed at the idea...yet i still believe that dogs are man's best friend...animals have great significance in our lives...its such a soothing feeling when my dog wags her tail each time i would get home after a long day tiresome activity at work...the fact that there's this humble creature waiting excitedly to be noticed even when i hardly do at times....aside from being the 'bantay' when a stranger approach...their luv i guess is unconditional once you get their trust...mmm..i miss my dog..feels like i wanna be home again.

Note: the pic. above is not hidey but just looks like her.


tutubing_karayom said...

I wanted to have pet since i was a kid. pero me hika ang lola mong hitad at bawal kahit anong insekto. hehe!!

But i was always amuzed sa mga pet lovers. Mantaking mong pakakainin mo, paliliguan mo at kelangan mong linisin ang kanilang mga dinudumihan, parang nagkaron ka narin ng anak hindi ba?

Siguro pag ready na akong mag ka pet, meaning ready namin akong mag kababy?! hindi kaya?!

ev said...

sure thing...it doesnt hav to follow..pwede kang magkababy though di mo naranasan magkapet...mas masarap pa rin mag-alaga ng galing sa sarili mong dugo at laman..naks!

hopeful kasi ako actually,hehe