My open letter to Mr. X

"The best of ones' journey is not where he's final destination may be but what are experienced along the way..."

I could not begin to tell you how I feel today. For several times i'd endured the thought of not minding where we'd headed. But this time I want to be at peace with myself. I think every story has to have its final page. And this is it. This does'nt mean that i've stopped loving and caring for you..just that i have to so i can pave way for the best to come. Might be sad to realize that I could not consider ours as one but you definitely made still a wonderful difference. I will always cherish the times when i shared memories with you, especially the happy ones. Up to
this moment, I could not clearly define what kind of relationship was it we were building...all i know is that we were able to create a special kind of friendship that only our hearts knew its real meaning. And I know its still something tangible and genuine. Though we went thru misunderstandings that add up spice in this journey we're making, I never despise the first time you said "hi!" to start a wonderful and rewarding friendship.

Thanks for the happy times...for every heartbeat when life's just seemed so easy to bear because of the smiles that you effortlessly painted on my face. I could never be bitter when I see couples holding hands to express their love...when i hear musics that speak of what entails loving...and when i go watch love stories that might have depicted ours somehow. Our distance before made you near me still,by just making me a part of your daily struggle. But that was over. We'd made already history. So that when we're older, we'll have beautiful stories to narrate to our grandchildren.

My gratitude for having a timely intervention in my life. I know by now you're happy. I wouldn't care to ask at all what came to you after the promises (if i may call it as one)...and i wouldn't care to find the answer out of it either. We just couldn't go on hurting each other coz in this world we all deserve to be happy. And if that happiness is not for what we'd started, that could be for what we are about to start with somebody else. Goodbye is the hardest word that anybody could utter, but it's the sweetest for more wonderful people waiting to be making memories with us. I wish you happiness in for whatevever decision you'll be making.

You have remained mysterious to me but I wouldn't care to find out what's behind this mystery at all. All i know is that "I've finlly moved on."

Till then...

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Tash said...

Eve, it's time for me to say these words back to you... I understand what u feel and not only understand but I know how and what you feel because I was into it too. Hahaha! Funny, we are almost the same story. You know what was I feeling on the first stage of moving on? It seemed that I was dreaming for a very long time, I was like in a situation of having a very deep sleep, but when I wake up, everything is gone. It is just like I want to go back from sleeping but I know that the pictures that were formed on my mind would no longer come back. Grrrrr.... what a frustrating situation! Everything left in mystery.... lagot kaayo! hehehe I love you and could I say Congratulations? hehehe Mwahhh