In letting go...

A friend of mine told me," how can he let go of someone or something he never had in the first place ev?

...i shared to her all my experiences with all the boys i'd loved before( song 'to di ba?)...and then there's one who sent me a message about the hard thing in letting go...i was wondering what it means to him who sent it...was i already a part of him?

...sometimes guys can be very mysterious..because they seldom show their emotion...they seldom cry....they seldom talk about feelings when compared to women...but when its time for them to really show it..you know by then that sometimes ....its too late...i guess its really true that you will only realize a person's worth when you feel like you're already losing him/her...and it seems to me that some things now are in right perspective..i just felt i'm important now that i'm already slowly back on my feet again without him...might be too hard to imagine that it's over for both of us but i've made up my mind...my trust was once wasted ...i can't afford to completely let it be wasted again..

....i've made up my mind...i'm letting go the love i thought i already know...maybe by now it's hard for me to trust a man again...but it's not fair that i would be closing door only because someone hurt me in my past...

...maybe in time...when i'm ready to trust again..we can't tell when it's destiny that will lead us there...but for now..i say, "i am free!"....after all...happiness is just a state of mind....they say you cannot find it outside but real joy is just within...there in your heart and mind.


Racky aka Bakya Ni Neneng said...

isa lang ibig sabihin niyan ... di siya ang kapalaran mo! hehehe

marami pang fafas sa mundo :D

Ann said...

Yes! Take it from Neng.

Pag hindi na worth yung love..you're just wasting your time.Kaya lang minsan mahirap sabihin yan sa taong deeply in love.

Mistyjoy said...

hintayin mo na lang ang soulmate mo... darating din sya in the right time.

heheh ako rin, still waiting...

kneeko said...

honga nadami pa namang babae sa mundo pare... nyeeee mali pala.. hehehe

mambabae ka na lang... para meron ka ulit kanta na 'to all the girls you love before' hahahha

ghee said...

Ev,I didnt realize that you WERE a broken hearted...

Its allright..,you dont have to look for it,it`ll come to you without a notice ;)

You are free!! enjoy mo na lang muna yan

gawa ka muna ng home work mo..meron ka sa kin hehehe..goodluck!

ev said...


tama ka...do u believe in destiny?ako parang guzto ko nang maniwala.


i know it's hard but then someimes we have to be "heart over mind"..tama ba ko?;)

yep..minsan daw di mo na kelangan hanapin..and ghee is right it'll just come w/o our notice.


palabiro ka pala!thnks for your comment.


yup!enjoy ko lang muna...hehehe...hopeless romantic drama ko noH!hehe...sige lang gawin ko assignment na gusto mong ipagawa..ok yan!

tutubing_karayom said...

its the art of letting go.. magaling ito.. masakit pero... every body needs to move on.. go girl!! late ako grabe! hehe

lil _kath said...

...awww dito rin ba letting go sobsss ;( taurean ka nga hehe..^_^
..thanx sa comment sa post ko,at di na ko nagulat kase andito rin pala lahat ng kaklase ko sa blogworld.
...nice blog ^_^ keep it up!


ev said...

salamat lil_kath!i'm ok!;)

ev said...


better late than never si bah?kaya go talaga akoH!namiss kita oi!