Thanks blogspot..

This is a short one.

I have been here for years but have not thanked this space for freely giving me just the right spot to gather my thoughts. And so here's my gratitude for all.
I may not get the chance to cross rivers and seas, climb hills or mountains and yet I am able to travel the world to this thing we call as 'blogosphere'. The wonderful thing of it all is that I find solace out of this little contemplation; a place to learn, to discover, to affect, and even to brace my self when at times I lose the courage to hang on. I have said good-bye to blogging then but it was a poor attempt. I have breathe in here perhaps. Now, I can't believe this is my already 241st post. And even when some do not make sense at all, still they mean much to me. At times I miss life back from basic like working with paper and pen. And I shall go back to my old diary when this online journey is over. However, I will still consider this blogging experience as one important highlight in the story of my life.

Daghang salamat blogger! I am really thankful we discover each other.


wITChy Boop said...

these "241st post" were all the best bes. When i'm reading them, it is just as if you are here near me. ikaw na ikaw!
i'm not missing you much dahil sa blog mo, you are just a click away. the best thing also is that Bien continues to know you by reading your post. i love you bes, as in love na loveee...

jei said...

magpapaalam ka na ba bru?

ev said...

i miss the laughs bes!and those times when we used to watch ally mcbeal..wow!murag feel nako kau si Ally McBeal ron dah!:D

jei,i guess it's hard to say bye to good memories and people 'round here...let's just hangin' around!:)

Mari said...

Me, too. I should thank Blogger for the opportunity to "meet" nice people like you. All in all, everyone I interact with here are well-mannered. Before there was blog I've been to Philippine message boards, and I tell you some people there were very nasty. I'm glad that the message boards have all been deleted due to lack of posters' activity. Most of them have left the board, some have gone to blogging, and others formed email strings to privately chat.

jean said...

hi ate evz!
pls don't stop doing this.
i may be visiting this site not that often but my each visit is worth the while.
your thoughts are very enlightening.
luv u caz! mwah!!!

Nance said...

Thanks to blogging too, i have met a lot of good friends, including you, ev. there were times when i said, blogging is a waste of time, but then it also gave me joy, gave me a chance to get to know a lot of people, and gave me a chance to keep in touch with friends and relatives who read my blog.

ev said...

Thank you everyone!I will really treasure this esp. of knowing you all.

Speed on!

ann said...

Ilang beses na rin ba akong tinamad mag blog in the past, pero wala rin, binabalik-balikan pa rin..nice meeting you too here Ev.

the donG said...

wow! so you've been blogging for quite some time now. my blog just turned one last january.

congratulations! and yes thanks to blogger.com

ghee said...

im grateful sa blogging,its a wonderful thing to meet great people like you,Ev..

a big hug!!

and hey,i luv the music!