i just finished watching GMA 7's World View report entitled: "Si Barack at Si Juan." quite late though but it was worth my wait to see this report. there i just understand what the Filipino-American veterans went through after the past US governments' promises to them; the racism they went through and for how many times a bill for an equity benefit for them was not honored in the US Senate during the past governments. it's sad. now, i really hope that the lump sum for the war veterans that's included in Pres. Obama's recent signed stimulus package will really be very much beneficial to them.

i have learned a lot from the documentary report (or whatever it's called). life, wherever you go, must simply be cherished no matter what you do for a living because we can never tell what tomorrow may have in store for us. we can only hope what the government can do for us but it's important that we can also do so much for what we can do to be productive individuals. this global financial crisis might be too much for everybody to bear. but we can keep praying...it is never with a price.


Nance said...

how true, ev...we can pray but if we don't help ourselves, then who will?

BTW, certainly, you may use my photo of the boxer short anytime. spread the smiles, right? ;)

Mari said...

Hopefully, that part of the stimulus will pass.

For some, racism is still alive and well. It will always be there no matter what. The number, however, is dwindling to a few.

wITChy Boop said...

Kalungkot nga yun bes. i can't bear seeing those grannys sleeping in a small place and eating less.
it reminds me of my late lolo.
buti na lang pala he changed his mind in going there (beterano din kasi). he died here in our country together with the rest of our family. i am sure that he died happily and even in his wake, he look so tisoy!
I'm so proud of him kasi ang pogi nun bes!

Ash said...

Totally agree with you!

Hope you're doing well, Ev. Sorry for the sporadic visits. Been crazy busy at university :-)

EyECatCher said...

Eves? I want the tag too? Give me please.

ghee said...

the veterans are really survivors!im glad na makakatanggap sila ng benefits from the gov. after a long wait.umpisa pa lang ng magandang sign ni obama,sana ay tuluy tuloy na.

uy,nakakatuwa yung comment mo dun sa kabila kong blog,ha?hahaha..no need to be insecure my dear...we have our own qualities,and sure,you do have yours,Ev!


ghee said...

btw,may facebook account ka,Ev?i just made an account kasi.add me up if you have one,okies? ;)