just a thought

I thought about the "what if's" and the "could have been's" I might have opted to write. There are a lot of them creeping in my brain at this moment. But I am not a star..still to me this is not my stage even when I continue writing.

"What if" I would talk about Pacquio and the new issue that he's been into with the t.v industries? But whether Manny has violated some contracts or not, I can only hope that when Manny says that "his games and winnings are for his country", there is truthfulness in it. It would be very frustrating to have started to feel like seeing him already swinging the boxing arena( in purely business) only in the name of fame, power and money. I still hate his political ambition, with all my honesty.

"What if'" I would talk about the rape case of Nicole, now being recanted by the DOJ? For sure I am not happy about the 'victim's' abandonment of the case. But, whatever 'truth' there may be, I would not attempt at all to 'add insult to injury' to both the victim and the accused. Whether justice is served in my country or not, may we just continue to pray for them to find that inner peace one day. So much so that in this life, we just have to be happy knowing that at the end of the day, these personalities still have people to hold on to.

Well, these are just some thoughts banging on me..lousy thoughts though, but worth the lessons.


wITChy Boop said...

It is so me back to my old good old college days. HAyz. I've given up caring a thought for those people who would only disappoint my caring heart. hehehe
bes i love ur music here. will you sand me a copy and a lyrics of the song. Pleaseee..... Kahilak ko paminaww.... i fell inlove!

Nance said...

We can't really change people, it's up to them to do so. we can still hope and pray ...

'preho pala tayo ng fave, ev, Michael Buble! love Yanni too.

Midas said...

I'm not so familiar with these...I better google manny and that other person.

HOw are you Eve? Missed you!


Mari said...

Manny Pacquiao has political ambition? Whoa! He better stick to boxing.

joan said...

oi murag seryoso ni atong topic dre ah..natakdan na kang joel? hehehe

ghee said...

Hi Ev!sorry,ngayon lang ako sumulpot uli,ive been a bit busy kasi my friend. :D

i am not in favor sa idea na papasok na rin sa politics si MP.sa showbiz nga lang,napa WHAT na ako,sa politics pa?

the donG said...

hehehe... itong nga ang mga sumisikat na balita. nakakapagod ang pulitika sa pinas. sana may makakapag ayos na nito.

ann said...

di rin ako agree sa political ambition ni manny, for sure gagamitin lang sya nga mga pulitiko

ghee said...

Hi Ev!haha,natawa ako sa comment mo.
i enjoyed our chat din last night. wala raw internet connection si Tikey sa work pala.anyway,i think shes fine naman kaya i feel relieved na.

ok,let me go hommmmeeee,haha!
type ko ang music mo,nakakainlab. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Evz,

It's been quiet awhile na. Kumusta?
maayo kapa updated sa current situation, me, gikapoy na uy. Matiguwang ta ug dali. Maglagot ko maghuna huna. Nag- iba napud ko ug field. NBA napud. Mas updated ko didto na phase. I didn't watch regularly pero sa net nalang ko naga update.

Talk to you later.