The Amazing Race reaches India

i am not a regular viewer of this kind of show, "The Amazing Race", however at times when i start to search for a good t.v program, i would come across with it once in awhile and the contestants already to me become familiar.

this is indeed an amazing race that it seems like they have to travel different places actually far enough. now i wonder if they'll reach Philippines(hehe!). in this show you'll see how they struggle to survive with each challenge only to get to first place, of course to win this game. just seeing India even on tv, i was surprised to see the place that aptly taught me how these poorest of the poor really live and survive. and it's very moving because while the contestants were on their way to their destination riding a cab, one lady and a young man (from the contestants) really burst to tears upon seeing the people along the streets like little children being dirty while some really naked, animals so freely roaming around rummaging food from garbage and the damaged buildings and houses. that was part of India, showing a real picture of what poverty is all about.

but what really got me teary-eyed was when this contestant really kept crying for pity that his mother was trying to console him saying "it's okay"..only later then too when i realized that during their exchange of messages that this young man could even hardly speak. yet inspite of his disability, his concern went to the poor ones even realizing that he's still lucky to have a good life back home.

am back to realization too that we just couldn't go on complaining in life for not getting what we want more than what we already have... because if we look around us, we'll realize that we're still lucky after all.


Mari said...

I don't regularly watch this show, but at one time I did follow it to the end. This is a good show for it shows others, especially those who live in this land of plenty, what life is out there. They complain so much, not realizing that they are lucky enough that there's always help that the government provides.

Anyway, I could say more, but I'm rushing this as I'm getting cold here. LOL It's Spring already, however, we are still getting the tail end of Winter. Lamig...gotta go.

Have a good one, Ev.

krystyna said...

It is very sad scenery...
How could we complaining,
we're still lucky after all.
Good point, dear Ev.


the donG said...

i was not able to watch that episode. i should have appreciated it too.

i miss amazing race. but i was able to watch last year's season.

joan said...

korek ka dyan! looking at other people who are much less unfortunate than we are makes us realize how blessed we are for whatever we have.

jeon said...

na-guilty naman ako bigla. ang dami ko pa namang reklamo sa buhay kahit kumakain ako ng tatlong beses sa isang araw, may bahay na masisilungan at damit at sapatos na masusuot. parang nahiya tuloy akong magreklamo simula ngayon.

jean said...

very true...
so sorry, Lord for complaining sometimes.
thanks ate belen.. very nice blog!

ev said...

jean!hey couz!i love yah and i miss u!!muahhh!