They're 41 years..

As I sat here in my little room where I just had my curtains changed:D, thought of all the things I went through in 2008 and of the things I will still have to get by for 2009. And it made me smile to have realized that God's responses into my life are still wiser than my own prayers.

Today, we just celebrate my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. Looking back to all the things that they two went through, the fighting and the making amend they have had as part of every married life..I don't kn0w how to thank my parents still for keeping a family intact. And though sometimes, it's getting really harder to understand their moods now at their age, I still couldn't help but think and wish if somewhere in the future when God permits and I will reach the same age, I will have someone who'll understand me and be patient for me in my old age too. Well, how early must I have thought of these things though..but whether we like it or not,we'll get there.:P

I continue to pray for good health and happiness for my parents. I think most of our prayers already go to them that we almost forgot to have one for our own. But they're my life. Our relationship as parents-children may not be perfect as it is. But still at the end the day, we are able to sleep well and say "thank you God..we still have each other."

I can only wish I can make a tribute for them, but my brain is too little if i will have to compare it to what my heart feels. I just wanna say "thank you mama and papa for keeping us your children going..for keeping one's ordinary journey going."


Nance said...

41 years? WOW, please send my congrats and best wishes to both, ev. That's rare nowadays.
May they have many more years together!

Mari said...

Congratulations to you parents. 41 years is a long time.

May they have many more anniversaries to come.

wITChy Boop said...

Wow! Mama and Papa congrats!

adelle said...

Eve, change links ha..change mo pebbles ko, nasira na yon..thanks.la na lagi ka chat box.

prettiestangelfromheaven said...

sana you'll finally meet him this year so that u could finally say I can have found the guy i could spend for the years to come.........hehehehe

claire said...

wow! that long huh! happy anniversary to your parents :) i wish me & my hubby would last that long too..

krystyna said...

Your prayers for your parents are the best tribute for them, Ev!
Very lovely post!

Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary to your Great Parents!

ev said...

Thanks everyone for your warm greetings.May God bless you all a hundredfold in return!:)

Kcee said...

Hi Ev!

My parents' wedding anniversary falls on the very same date - January 4, and it's their 40th, this year. I also wrote about it here.

What a pleasant coincidence. :D Congratulations and best wishes to your parents!