"If a picture paints a thousand words then why can't I paint?LOL!

I remember the first painting of myself when I was 18. My friends stole from me my high school graduation pic. And as a surprised gift for my 18th b-day, they handed me a wonderful painting of me. And though I know they hadn't visualized themselves to be really painters, they gave their best to make each angle almost perfect for me as a gift with their signatures on it. How thoughtful are they and I miss them!The second painting I got was from Mari last year. Thanks Mari!My hat's off to your talent! Here it is...
This third one is done for me by the great grandson of Michael Angelo..hehe!Just kidding!Got this from photofunia.com ( you may try too!). This one is actually artificial. However, i had fun 'coz I tried to imagine that I could break the record of Mona lisa's smile:D
Well, so much for being narcissistic..haha! I just dropped by to say, " have a wonderful time everyone and God bless!


Mari said...

Thanks for featuring my work. I don't think I did well with your portrait, as I didn't have a picture of you sitting upright. At any rate, I did my best and I'm glad you appreciated the effort.

Have a great day!

krystyna said...

Wow, Wow!
I know Mari is very talented painter!

Michael Angelo's greatgrandson was good for you - good job;
but for me he wasn't so graceful.

Have a beautiful day!

ev said...


Never thought you would really make one for me and so when I saw it in your site, I was kind of flattered and overwhelmed that you gave time(when you even haven't seen me in person)to paint me. Just knowing you did an effort on it is enough for me.:)


I actually have no idea if the historic Michaelangelo had a greatgrandson..I was just speculating!haha)But thanks for the idea though.

take care!

ghee said...

ang galing talaga ni Mari!!really nice at ikaw na ikaw nga,Ev!haha!

keep that smile on your face always!

happy weekend!!

dodong flores said...

How sweet of your classmates to give you a portrait painting!

Thanx to Mari too for your second portrait painting...