trying photography..

even the buds have significance ..
especially when in bloom..

the flowers are of same variety ..they only differ in colors. sorry don't know its name.. haven't bother to ask my mother yet. also been counting the days since i haven't been feeling well, perhaps it's the scorching heat of the sun during daytime..already unbearable :O

have a blooming year ahead everyone..tc.


dodong flores said...

A blooming year ahead to you, too!

Lovely photos you have here...

Mari said...

What lovely flowers, Ev! You did well on your close-ups.

ghee said...

they`re beautiful,Ev!just like you and me! :D

happy new year,mah frend!wish you all the best this year!!

i caught a cold din,ngayon pa lang medyo nakakarecover..so get well soon!!!!

James said...

"The leaves are as important as the petals too, it awes it's glory to the ones that lifts it to blossom - like, an unsung hero where smile is, the only benefit of its life efforts".

krystyna said...

Great shots!
You showed beauty and fineness of these subtile flowers.

Have a great day!

love & hugsss

Nance said...

I love those raindrops on the leaves and the petals of those flowers, they are so unique. Are these from your mom's garden, ev?
nice photography, you're getting there! :)

cha said...

Kindly edit my URL to http://glamorouscha.info

thanks chari

cielo said...

nice try sis...you can pass as a PRO

ev said...

dodong flores,

thanks for dropping a line. i wish you the same.:)


its very humbling to hear good remarks from you..it makes my heart skip.hehe!

i miss your paintings.:)


yeah, you have grown even more beautiful than the first time i knew you. thanks for including me!haha! i miss you ghee..its been awhile. sama nga ng weather... migraine at ulcer lang naman but am fine now.

keep in touch. i miss the laughs. huggsss!


thanks for your thoughts...keep going!


I didn't realize them at first to be really great shots until I have them posted here..hehe!nice din pala! love and huggsss to you too my fren! take care..


yes, they're from my mother's pots. but until now i haven't asked her the name of this..promise as soon as i get the name i'll go back to you.:)thanks a lot!


its been awhile..i will.


how are you?i haven
t been at your site for quite awhile..am badd! thanks for the line..what's a PRO?hehe!