"In the eyes of a child, there is joy there is laughter..
there is hope, there is trust, a chance to shape the future.
For the lessons of life, there is no better teacher..
than the look in the eyes of a child."
--from the song "The eyes of a Child".

There is just one very important thing that I so love about them. And that they can never fake what happiness is. :)


krystyna said...

Beautiful kids
and beautiful photo
and of course beautiful thoughts.
I love kids
and I love their purity.
Thanks Ev!

Have a great weekend!

Mari said...

You are so right. Happiness in the face of a child is so genuine.

Nance said...

Wish i could be a kid again...no worries, no responsibilities. oh well, i can still act like a kid! ;)

wITChy Boop said...

I can not fake my happiness! So I'm a kid ever Bes!!! Yeey!

ghee said...

yeah...and the innocence never beat any adult!LOL

i love kids..i gain "power" from them!!

who are they btw,Ev?
have a nice weekend btw!!

ev said...

they're my pamangkin(my niece and nephew)ghee.:)

EyECatCher said...

Tita Eves how are you.

from Bien Salvador

chubskulit said...

aww they're so adorable..

btw, I am now following your blog..