My top 10 most favorite posts..

Never thought that my existence in blogosphere will transpire for reaching 160 posts in this site. If i still remember when gladyz encouraged me the first time to sign in here..truly i am but a real wanderer of my journey in this thing called LIFE. No idea at all how my thoughts will depict the lives of some and that of mine thru my personal opinions and observations about the unnoticed things of this busy world. And so out of feeling the awe,i have come up of my top 10 most favorite entries out of my hundred and more posts in my " The journey..".

Top 10. Ode to Papa- My father taught me a lot in life.I may not be his perfect daughter and he may not be my perfect dad but the things that we went through as father-daughter-relationship made me who i am now.True that we cannot choose our family,but given the chance to be borne again, i know deep in my heart that God perfectly gave me the father that will mold me a better individual in most challenging ways.

Top 9.10 Simple Pleasures That I Like Most- I've had hard times of telling that sometimes being an ordinary passerby in this world is not that easy. We all have our own unique stories to tell.To uncover myself here might still appear to be a play-safe answer for some. I am very private person, to be honest, but recounting the 10 simple pleasures i like most made me realize that these are actually the things about me, trying to simplify life in this complicated world.

Top 8. The Hourglass- that tells about you, me and the world.

Top 7. My open letter to Mr. X- to have fallen in love is not easy...there is always letting go and moving on. May not make us stronger the second time we stumble but at least it makes us a better person..because every experience is a lesson learned.( He is now happily married!;0)..trivia ha!hehe..) And I'm happy for him.

Top 6. Truth or Dare- Life is a series of choosing between truth or dare. To be continuously challenged by time and situations.And that apart from the rest, beyond the our sweet smiles and wondrous laughs, there lay the hard truth about going to or backing off.

( to be continued...( my remaining 5 most favorite posts..bitin!?)


Midas said...

Ev, This is a great idea for a post...though I am not sure I have any ten that I can list right now.

I tend to write at the moment, sometimes, completely forgetting to edit...so I feel my post is hodge podge.


ghee said...

And I love all of them,Ev!!Its a pleasure to be a part of your sharings.

btw,you are awarded!!!
have a nice week ahead,my friend!

Mari said...

I don't think I ever reached 100 posts. I never even know how many I have already.

Those are great posts...good for you. I can't wait to read the rest.

ann said...

Hindi ko pa nasubukan na bilangin ang posts ko, hindi ko kasi nailipat yung mga nasa blogspot ko. Pero ang sarap basahin at balikan ng mga old post eh no.

iskoo said...

iniisip ko tuloy kung ano yung favorite ko rin posts, hehehe. interesting to read your top 6-10, will wait for your last 5 fav post