10 simple pleasures that i like most...

tagged by ghee...and as promised..here it is...

1. Pray- when i pray, i don't just say the basics( i mean the ready-made ones written on a pamphlet).I pray in a way only the Most Omnipotent One could understand...sometimes..in my silence..even when i don't have to utter a single word...deep in my heart..i know He could read me.

2. Laugh-" smile so that the world will smile back to you..".. i love to joke around...might not have the cutest smile in the world but....all i know is that it's a wonderful feeling to be able to laugh and exchange humor with people..sometimes we have to laugh at things...it's the secret of staying young.. at heart.

3. Eat- i love munching food...but i wonder why i never grow fat..mmm...i guess..i've lot's of "itchyworm"..in my tummy...;0)..yaykks!

4. Read- never stop the habit of learning...our mind gets to depreciate as we get older..and i believe that learning is a never ending process...mmm...take it from me..education doesn't end in school.

5. Sing- modesty aside...been a choir member back in high school..hehehe...i'm a frustrated singer, actually! i love songs...they pour out my emotions...am a hopeless romantic.

6. Clean- i have learned the habit of cleaning everything messy that i come across with..i always want my stuff in order..though sometimes i'd rather have to be idle than clean around while others are messing up...not that i'm obsessive compulsive...but i also believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness...(ito yung lagi kong nababasa na motto sa itaas ng blackboard namin back in high school and elementary).

7. Ma-in-love- ...mmmm...the most wonderful feeling anybody could ever imagine...where everything is easy to bear..the grass is greener...the world is much livelier...songs are more meaningful...and life seems..just seems.. perfect inspite of its oddity.

8.Teach- teaching doesn't mean being in a classroom setting...you can teach wherever direction in life you are heading...as long as you know that what you will be imparting to people do have ultimate values and worth...we all can make difference..no matter how little you think you're just.

9. Sleep- beauty rest is very important to all working and busy individuals...be sure to get 8 to 10 hours sleep...so that pimples will have no chance in the world!hehe..ang sarap kaya matulog..especially in the morning...when it's already 5minutes for shower and i ony have 30 minutes to prepare for work!hurry ev!you'd be late!mmm...

10. Blog- i love to write...there's just something in blogging that ease my emotions as soon as i've started to pour them out...just keep posting even when it doesn't really have to make sense..sometimes words don't say it all but for sure 3 out of 10 readers will appear to understand what you actually mean...at least may tatlo!;)

I could have written more than ten pleasures but maybe next time...when my mind works best...today is my first day of tutoring again..kinda feeling the need to rekindle some.


razzy said...

Nagchoir ka rin pala.. I`m into it, right now.. hehehehe

na experience ko rin magtutor sa 5-year old kid.. hay kakulit...

ev said...

oo razzy...ang saya nga sa choir...doon ko narealize may talent pala ako kahit papano..hehehe...we sing church songs..ang hirap sa tutoring we have to deal with their temper kaya ang hirap talaga lalo na pag makukulit.

ghee said...

Ev,ginawa mo napala ang homework mo,good job :)

all of the above,I mean pareho tayo..,
kaya lang ung num. 6,dati super clean ng haus ko,ngayon,walang time ei! pag sinipag ka,pati bahay ko dito,idamay mo na haha!

wala na tayong taguan? haha! maaga na akong matutulog,sobra na ang blogging time ko! haha! sabi ko lang un..

always be in love.. keep the spirit in ur heart ;)

kisses said...

hmmmm...pede maglinis ka sa bahay? hehehe

live ur life sistah! ang simple nga naman ng buhay ... tayo lang nagpapahirap nito :)

tutubing_karayom said...

anak ka ng tokwa ang bait mo nmang bata, pakilinisan narin ang bahay namin heheh!!! ako kc tamad ako heheh!!! pero mabait din namn ako.. medyo guilty nga kc i barely pray na.. huhuhu!!sori po Lord!

ev said...


nangako ako di ba?kaya ginawa ko na homework mo tits ghee!hehehe...minsan tinatamad din ako maglinis noH!..lalo na pagfeeling ko tagasunod na ko ng kalat ng mga bro ko!hehe..hayaan mo magpang-abot din tayo dito 1 day...namiss ko ata yun..nga naman...ang sarap mainluv...yun nga lang we hav to be ready with the consequence...pero k lang yun..that's life.


gawin na lang nating simple ang life kahit minsan komplekado din...baka kasi bangungotin lang tayo sa kakaisip ng mga problema...hayaan mo linisin ko haus mo pag inimbita mo ako dyan.


di ako mabait ha!ayoko matulad kay rizal...ala ng martyr sa panahon ngayon...hehehe..tamad din ako maglinis minsan...tinotopak din kasi ako TK!...alam ko naman super bait ka...na-inspire mo yata bahay ko..tingnan mo ngayon...medyo may buhay na!salamat sayo!;)

Art said...

Ev,you have a gift. You've penned a collage of pleasures that reveal the essence of the wonderful woman that you are. You call yourself simple yet you are also complex. You enjoy life, you love God, and you love people. God's reward to you will surely be the many others will love you even long after you are no longer around. I am honored and humbled that you share a bit of yourself with me....with the world. We all smile as we read your words. We smile with you, probably almost as much as you smiled as your each word emanated from your mind, soul, and heart. Thank You.