An open letter to Christopher....

Two years back when you were introduced to me. I could not forget your first line.."you're shy..." I smiled at you and you said "hi". Our first lesson started from scratch. I found it hard at first...the thing i wasn't used to be. I could not measure the patience i have to bear. But along the way i've found you already a part of me. There are times when i wanted to say.."i quit!". But each time i would look at your innocent countenance makes me realize there's more for you to know and learn. And then maybe there's more that i can offer.

I understand how hard it is for you when at times i had to teach you some things that normal kids know. You'd always complain. And when times I had to raise my voice to get your attention.When it's just too hard for you to sit down. It must be hard I know. But you deserve to realize what every child has to. Each time I would start the day dealing with you, i could not help but wish that one day, you will have a lot know before i go.

If only you could read what's in my mind and in my heart...my love and concern for you is pure Chris. My heart woul leap a bit when you already learned what i imparted. It makes my day complete. Know that what made me the best mentor in the world is by just having you. You know it breaks my heart to see you so limited in your abitity to learn. But what can I do? I am only a human being trying hard to be the best in what i can just offer. Sometimes it feels pathetic for me. Sometimes I would question the real Giver of life why I had to be with you and deal with you patiently when I can be with the normal rest...when i could choose the easiest.

My heart would sink at times Chris. When it had to be tough for you to learn what's basic. There are quite moments when I had to get inside the comfort room in the middle of our discussion because I wanted to cry...I wanted to shout to ease the tension. I always want to reserve every little patience that's left in me for you. Because you matter to me...I saw you almost giving up this morning. You'd always say "it's hard"...but I'd still insist on you that you can do it. We have build a wonderful friendship Chris that not even money can buy. And I want you know that. Your prayer everytime we begin seems like the most wonderful one that i could imagine. And it's when what you can just ask God by simply saying "thank you for everything..". And then i feel good to have shared with you at least what faith is.

Hang on Chris...I know you still have a lot to go!

teacher Ev


ghee said...

awww...I can relate Evs...

Its not tht easy to handle a kid/kids,esp.yours...Chris needs more attention,more love,more understanding.

I know that you have enough patience and love for him,but dont forget that you have to let go of some pains deep inside your mind that you are taking from him,coz you are just human...you have your own weakness,but let your weakness be your own strength.

I wish Chris good luck,and to you his teacher,more power!

ooppss,napahaba yata..sorry,got carried away. :)

tutubing_karayom said...

Naku teacher pala itong aking fren... ang galing namn... basta all i can say PAtience is a Virtue... gudluck to both of u.. excited ako sa weekend wala akong mai comment na magaling heheh!

agring said...

Christopher is your son ba?
What ca I say! I'm raising 21 months daughter too. It's not easy. I screamed out sometimes but regreted it afterwards. Patience lang talaga.

JAMES said...

PAtience is a Virtue, yes it is. Patience is the virtue of the universe, everything is made in silence in the eyes of a child. On the other way around, let him watch short segment shows like Barneys. I know a child who's parents are so speaking Bisaya and the child, yes the child, she speaks english effectively. They say it's learning in playtime. Some advised parents to let them play in the rain with you, read books with you, try to sleep under the moonlight or the blue sky, teach him gardening, walk in the sandy beach, watch animal shows, and alike. Activities that are adventurous in nature. Abstract things are naturally learned through those. Take time to enjoy yourself with them and you might likely end up learning them. :o)

ev said...


dahil first honor ka dito, may award ka sakin!sa pasko makikita moh..hehehe!nways, tama ka i have to let o of the pain...coz i'm only human..masyado lang siguro ako nacarried away sa pagde-deal ko with chris...he's such a sweet kid kaya kahit minsan stressed out ka after dealing with kids, nawawala din naman when we hear them start to laugh or just see them smile..chris is special ghee..but as he learns from me..much more than a realization, i am the one learning from him.

naku kaibigang tutubi now mo lang pala alam ang job ko...isa akong dakilang private tutor...naging dakila na rin dahil sa mga batang ito...kaya i esp. thank them for making me an enduring person..oh, enjoy mo lang weekend mo!

chris is my student...he's a special child..he's 14 yrs. old now...yah..patience is very important inorder to deal with them...salamt sa pagdalaw mo uli dito!

as a saying goes.."it is only thru patience that we remain truly human." ...ur absolutely right!patience is a virtue...and a big thanks sa mga ideas mo...i know you can relate about learning with kids coz glads said that you're already a father...salamat uli sa pagadalaw...sna makabalik ka.;)

yearning said...

eyyy maam... special child din ako hehehe

ev said...

just hahahaha!

ghee said...

Hey Evs,I love the last line of what you`ve said.."the realization that you are the one learning from him",naks ha!

kudos to you!

razzy said...

Ngayon ko lng naintindihan ang work mo.. tutor for the special kids.. siguro sa sobrang pareho tayong naghahabol ng oras nun nagkita tayo, kaya ayan hindi ko naintindihan..
Buti, you have that kind of patience.. I`v experienced teaching din (private tutor sa normal kids) nung mga panahong wala akong magawa, pero medyo maikli ang pasensya ko..
Teaching is always accompanied by love, care and patience.. ang galing mo ev..