Blog and earn!

Have you heard the latest craze in the blogosphere recently? I'm talking about the get paid to blog? Now here's one that offers you one of the widest advertising networks wherein you don't just simply write down your thoughts and opinion into blogging , but you can also make money while you're taking your boredom away.

Isn't it a great idea? Be one with the advertising companies and share your opinion about their latest products online.

Follow these easy steps on how to join:

1) You need to have a BLOG ( you can get a free one from blogger.com or from worpress.com and etc)

* This blog needs to have at least 90 days presence in the world wide web which means your blog is already 90 days old before you can get the approval of the advertisers.
* Most advertisers accepts blogs in ENGLISH, so try to create a blog that is using the international language.

2) Google page rank - To have at least 1 google page rank is fine. Google page rank depends on how popular and known your blog is, the range is from 1 as the lowest to 10 as the highest.

3) Set up a paypal account, go to www.paypal.com and set up an account. Most of these advertisers pay the bloggers through paypal.

If you think you meet the requirements above, log on now to smorty.com and earn($) in as much as you can depending on the number of entries you have posted. Just sit down for less an hour, share your ideas and be a virtual earner!

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