Quote for the day...

"Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love."
-by Gandhi

...might be really hard for the part of being human...martyrdom as one may say. but then somehow it is only by love that true wisdom is gained...nothing more,nothing less.


iskoo said...

i agree, if you cannot love at least don't confront them back, they will stop when you are just quite

ev said...

yeah youre right iskoo..if u cannot love then just turn your back and be quiet..than regret in the end the things you rather not wanna say..

its hard..really hard..because when we talk about a love that is true..sometimes it entails sacrifice on our part..it entails self-emptying..at yun ang pinakamahirap...yung gawin ang pinakatama.

but then human as we are..we impulsively give in to our feelings.

Gladys said...

yeah..love melts every hardened heart away.

Hmmm, sacrifices..if the person is worth fighting for then by all means go for it pero kapag tingon mo naman nagpapakatanga ka sa wala...wag na yun, stop na. Kasi hindi karapat dapat at naghahanap ka lang ng sakit sa puso.

ev said...

hmm..bitaw pud tya.