For more than a year and a half , I could say that I am truly fulfilled in this one aspect in my life where I find the opportunity to write down my thoughts here and meet great minds and kind people in blogosphere. As I look at all my posts here, I never realized that my jourmey would come this far.. some of my post maybe pointless while some are of great relevance.

Well, I wish to write more so that one day, when I am older and can no longer read letters on computer screen...when my fingers will no longer have the vigor of a young one, I will have my own compilation of all my writings(documented experiences!hehe) in a book. I do hope. And I will be one of the very good non-fiction writers in Asia. Wish ko lang!haha!;0)Well, histories are what become of us.

This is my journey and along with this is the sailing that was never easy...not easy for me because for all the tides that I went through, all of you my readers have become a big part of it..and I embrace with...regardless of how you react on them..and of course for all the happy events shared...your unselfish responses are overwhelming plus the friendship that we've greatly interwoven to even make worthwhile connections.

I say, we sail and cross the tide together. And I was able to give you the "ev" online a real picture of the "Evelyn" as the real me. All of us write because we feel the need to write.....feelings... and not just mere words and letters.

Given the space and time...I hopefully want to keep my little boat "the journey" from sailing...

But every journey has a destination. And so this time i will have to anchor my little boat of reflection for awhile. And when I am ready to share again another chapter of me then only right time will tell.

And while I am away, I will have tikey to take charge of this little haven for awhile. Thank you tikey for everything...for your patience and for your thoughtfulness. You are one of my most memorable online friends ever!

Thank you to all bloggers, my readers! So long.... and keep sailing!

"Truly, the most beautiful things are not seen nor touched but just felt by the heart."
- ev

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journeyman said...

looks like i am just a bit late...as you had once said we share something..the journery, the progression..wish you most wonderful adventures along the way as you sail, ride and glide..keep on journeying..