The Capsules in my mind...

Spending the holiday on National Heroes' Day yesterday was like spending the right moment to figure out things, realize things and sit awhile over things. Hmm..seems like i've lots of realizations lately huh!;0p

Just one idle moment and then i found myself lying in bed in my personal heroes' ( my parents') bedroom. I actually only thought of taking a nap on a hot monday afternoon..not in my room but that of my parents. As i opened the window, I felt the fresh air blowing from the outside while I looked at with enthusiasm the wonderful color of the blue skies above. As my mind wandered while unable to close my eyes, i noticed the capsules neatly placed on the side table near the bed. I know these are not just capsules that we can buy over- the -counter but these are prescribed by the doctors to a not-just-ordinary ailment. These are capsules with high dosage.

I stared at the medicines box for like awhile and i have neither any idea to what cure these capsules are but in my mind...i felt that there's so much difference of my parents lifestyle. And then I remember the times when my parents were still filled with vigor or enough strength to do hard work things for us when we were younger. Though the success that we enjoy being able to finish our studies is the fruit of my parents' labor, I still couldnt help but admire their struggles for us.

I wonder why it had to take me that moment to finally realize that my parents are already in their old age. And part of aging is to maintain some supplementary medicines inorder to stay in good shape...aside from the medicines for hypertension, diabetes,heart ailment,etc.

After that idle scene, a wake up call came to me that i havent been home for a long time after all...and that i was often out for work , study and even with friends than spending wisely my time with my parents who might have already found their new best friends to sustain from the stresses of life.

And that their new companions in the daily doses of life are no longer their children...but the capsules in my mind.


Rey said...

This post reminds me of myself. my parents are getting older too each passing day, and I'm not even there with them. Of course I talk with them every now and then by the phone, but meeting each other once every one or two years is not really ideal.

iskoo said...

a stage in a life wherein we cannot really stop, as Ray said, better we spend quality with them and let them experience our love.

Gladys said...

The funny thing though, abot kamay lang natin sila...pero nakakaligtaan pa rin nating ipakita na mahal natin sila...kaya nga minsan my homesick is killing me, I am guilty..nung nasa Pilipinas ako..nakalimot din ako :-(.

Now I realized how important they are to me and how I love them...ngayong nasa malayo na ko..

But then..its not yet too late.. and yeah, hearing their voices on the phone is not enough. Kung pwede nga lang lumipad pauwi, ginawa ko na.

Ohh, I remember..nung nasa airport ako papunta dito sa asawa ko, I can't stop myself from crying. It hurts me so badly seeing my parents cried in the airport..whew...waaaaaaaa,naiiyak ako.

Thanks sa post tya.

razzy said...

since nagcollege ako hindi ko nakakasama parents ko... we've our place here in manila, magkkakasama kaming magkakapatid.. sila na lang naiwan dun sa province..

Sila yung pumupunta dito para dumalaw, we seldom go to province bec of work and busy sked..

almost 4yrs na rin kaming hindi nagcecelebrate ng holidays sa province, minsan nga request nila kmi naman punta dun..

tapos minsan, nagkakaron pa ang nanay ko ng tampo sa akin pag umuuwi sya manila, and na guguilty talaga ako after... kaya ngayon, sobrang kinukwento ko na lahat lahat.. hindi natin masabi, ipadama na natin ang pagmamamahal habang nandito pa at pede pa.. :)

krystyna said...

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Mari said...

It's not yet too late for you all who have your parents around. Make it a point to spend a day or two with them as much as you can. Have dinner with them; take a walk with them; go shopping with them or just sit and talk with them.

tutubing_karayom said...

ay kapatid ang ganda nito "the capsules in my mind" ....

Glenn said...

Hi Evz,

Thank's sa post ha. I am just 3 to 4 hours drive away from my parents house, peru parang ang layo ko sa kanila. Me and my parents were seldom talking on the phone. At saka kung nag-uusap man kami sa phone parating nagmamadali. Okay lang din sa akin kasi naiintindihan nila.Sana nga I can spend great time with them whilr they are healthy and strong.