I wanna cry...
I dont know...
but it seems to me that
sadness just creep my veins entirely.
I wanna cry...
I simply wanna cry...
or maybe shout out loud,
so that I can let go off this feeling..
I don't know..

I dropped by the church awhile ago..
Lit a candle..
...prayed utterly helpless and hard..
So hard that I so want an answer right away..
But as I go back to my journey..
I feel only silence..
and the cold wind blowing me softly..
Must be God talking to me thru nature..
I dont know...but it must be Him..
Him with me...also feeling my pain.


Gladys said...

You ok? m just here..

Once upon a time in my life, I felt that too but then just try to move along and find things that can make you divert your mood..life has a lot to offer, just continue your journey.

M here...m just an email away..

Also, I got the mail today. Thanks so much. I have an entry for your 'birthday card' later in my blog. Thanks so much and it made my day.

Thanks again tya.

tutubing_karayom said...

its okey to cry my friend...