my detour...

truly, there's a right time for everything. i have long anticipated the moment where i can travel for sometimes to at least give myself a head on out from my ordinary routine and enjoy watching the overflowing gifts of nature like the the wonderful sceneries that can be seen while on the way to my real destination. and that will give me enough realization that i ,indeed, live in a world so rich and beautiful .

and so on a sunny saturday afternoon, i packed bits of my personal belongings and did my own detour onward to Gensan city, the tuna capital of the philippines. the travel took three hours if you are going to ride on a non-stop bus, but i guess it would take four hours if you are going to ride a bus that would take one stop to Digos,another town before reaching Gensan city. i jam-packed myself into a non-stop bus to hopefully get there at the expected time that my friend there will be fetching me.

i told myself, this is it!i had to give myself a good-luck voyage as my first time to be really travelling alone in a place where bombers were once ever present. this has been my fears..i swear..but to my state of mind i kept thinking that if things odd are meant to happen, they will really happen..its just a matter of faith and courage, i know.

i tried not to get asleep during my travel...i truly wanted to enjoy looking at the wonderful sceneries as far as my eyes can see and feel the joy of contentment that my life is actually as vast as the sea. the wide farms..the green trees...and the mountains are indeed beautiful!

the city is very industrialized and still continued to develop. the folks of GenSan city are very cordial. well, observant as i may seem i am actually amazed to have noticed that i felt the sense of simplicity and contentment of the community settlers and even realized that i never saw a single beggar while my best friend accompanied me to their malls and marketplace.

most of my closest friends are from General Santos City and so its not at all a matter of curiosity for me to invade the place but a great chance to be feeling the environment where great persons i met,and eventually became a part of me, are coming from.i miss them actually as i travelled head on. i miss my very good friends gladys and sheng hoping they're just around,too bad i lost sheng's contact number. but then my travel's still worth a thousand smiles because finally i get to be reunited with my bestfriends back in college who are also a native of Gensan. i had a wonderful time with them, really. my two-day vacation seems like a whole year of experience of laugh and excitement with my friends around.

....as i go back to my hometown, davao , i know i am already bringing within me a memory that shall never fade. and a realization that we all are travellers in our own way in dealing with life. ..the only difference is that, sometimes we took too long and stay in one place when we can actually go and see what's at the far end.....its when we never stop to think that there's more about being our self and our destination in life... waiting to be realized.


Gladys Erhardt said...

Thanks at nabuhay ka na rin. U know it makes me sad kay layo baya ko pero ok na ko kay ok na man ka.

Yeah, ur right.. "we took too long and stay in one place when we can actually go and see what's at the far end.....its when we never stop to think that there's more about being our self and our destination in life... waiting to be realized. "

Ayaw na ingon ana ha..hehehe. Mu-email diay ko unya.

ev said...

i miss you tya...thanks for keeping in touch!i guess you know me better na jud.;0p

kneeko said...

wwoooww gensan ah... gusto ko rin ma-suroy suroy dun hehehe

iskoo said...

ako din kapag bumibihaye hanggat kaya ko ay hindi ako natutulog kasi gusto ko makita nag scenery sa mga madadaanan, para ma-familirize na rin sa lugar. pero sa mga biyahenmg pang probinsiya lang. lapag sa metr manila, tulog na tulog ako, hehehe.

marami tayong natutunan when we travelled, some ay pwede nating i-apply sa hometown natin. pero yung iba tlagang pang-memory nalang...

ev said...

sure why not...suroy-suroy pud usahay pampaalis bagot sa iyong napaka busy na life dyan..hmmm..syado kas sossy pinapasyalan mo...di pa kaya ng budget ko!;0)

masarap ang simoy ng hangin sa mga probinsya pero di naman province ang Gensan, maunlad ang kanilang lugar in fairness.

Sa Maynila talaga wlang tulak kabigin, di mo kayanin ang mga usok ng mga sasakyan kaya kahit naiinip kana rin sa haba ng traffic, iidlip mo nalang para sandaling makalimot.