sweet temptation

Could this be true? My friend and I were into food tripping last Friday as our way of enjoying Davao's Kadayawan Festival, held every year as city folks' way of expressing thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, richness of culture,and bountiful harvest. We passed by this little sweets corner at SM and I, being naive, thought that the displays are real.(lol) I looked at them even closer with my eyes open wide while my friend laughed in disbelief. She said, "Evz, kon tinuod pa na, ganina ra na sila nangatunaw!":))

We were both having fun with the dummies and so out of discontent , I took picture of them.:P


I swear, you will really think of them real. O)

After the food trip,
we headed on loving native products...:D

Madayaw Davao!


krystyna said...

They look like real
and yummy.
Great pics, Ev!

Enjoy your festiv. time!

I have to tell you -
You play piano fantastic!

claire said...

really looks yummy!

ev said...


how are yah?hey, thanks for liking but am not the one playing the piano...well, i can only hope.:))


really, you'll be deceived by the dummies.:D