a day with hidey..

Sometimes it's great to wake up late in the morning without thinking anything about work..to feel the cold morning breeze without rushing for something. I feel like I'm back to my school days when I'd always loved holidays. Never thought that even now, I still love holidays.(haha!)

My hidey hasn't eaten for days. She lost her pups. Her two pups died for she hasn't enough milk. I wasn't able to attend her from the day she gave birth because I was often out for work. She was just staring at me as I looked at her this morning. I could see in her eyes the sadness. Wow!Dogs are like people too. If only she could talk. I took my breakfast and have some for hidey. I brushed her fur and gave her a tap. She then ate the food I served her. I think she just needs attention. I guess animals are even more mushy than us.:))


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