Go, figure go!

I am not good in numbers. If there's one thing I wish I were good at, it's about dealing with mathematical analysis. The only instance I barely remember that I grew to be really interested at it was when I was a sophomore in high school. I learned to love algebra back then. Maybe because of the challenge brought to me by my intellectual seatmates and my geek-like math teacher.:)) A teacher who would throw whatever he was holding if he found students not paying attention while he was discussing. I didn't realize these things until I found myself in his shoe. Once before, I thought of teachers as weird,resolute and strict. Now,I know why.:))

Still, even when I have reached this stage in my life, I so want to understand what is it about numbers that most students fear. And so I searched for one online. Learning numbers is now made easy with tutorvista.com. It's an online tutorial from 4th grade math, 5th grade math, Adding fractions, Formula for volume, Graphing linear equations, and even learning Algebra 2. One good thing about today's generation is that things that were once difficult for us back then are now given solutions. Arithmetic is not only made easy today but also real fun for kids.I remember a college friend's line each time we had mathematical problems to deal. He'd love to say, "Go, figure go!". Now with what surfing online can cater,I guess learners will really go along well with figures.

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