on getting into the virtual world

Today's advance technology has helped a lot especially about researches where ideas, opinions, photos and queries are only clicks away. Somehow, this is what our new generation's inventions that would perhaps be bragging about. Where anything seems instant. However, looking on the other side of the coin, gadgets may also drastically change the lives of our young ones. If they do not become in control about what's the latest craze, it's either, these stuff might end up controlling them. I guess everything is just a matter of self-discipline. Our young ones should be guided.

My being in the virtual world was just in fact incidental. But I don't want to elaborate at all how it happened. Some friends asked me about blogging. Though it has become and on and off routine for me still I excitedly shared how I started and hopefully will not stop from doing it.:)) For some, if there's one thing that any blogger would be proud of doing, it's about knowing virtual friends and then revenue sharing at the same time. It's like hitting two birds in one stone. Making reviews makes all searches easy such as the need for new hotel Dubai ( esp. for my friend,now working there), the need for a more affordable townhouse unit and a search for an apartment such as the HUD apartments for rent and more stuff available online. The virtual world is just like a one big supermarket where searches made easy. All these too made the lives of the bloggers real fun. :))

Well, haven't done this for a long while.

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