Technicalities of Captivation....

Written in Ohio by a very Special Person...

We met in the surreal confines of the cyberworld. I needed her, and I think she needed me. The immediacy of my captivation provoked unknown consternation. Her picture evoked rejuvenation. Rejuvenation of the hopes thought to have been long dissipated. There was something special about her. She was coy, guarded and the antithesis of loquacious. It was as if she learned from experience that she must become the guardian of her own heart. I have not earned anything. I am now,however and shall remain consistent. I found her in a place where I never dreamed I would look and where she never dreamed she would be. It is as if the cosmic forces of the One we both know are orchestrating the music to a new song. Not a fly-by -night song that only sounds good when you first hear it, but insteadthe classic that stands the test of time and criticism. I am not certain that anyone can feel me other than the one person who should. I am forevermore capitivated.

Thanks for this Art!!You are a great poet.


tutubing_karayom said...

Wow! Hanep! magaling..di ako mang chichismis.. but eventually if ever sakin patungkol ito.. i would be flattered.

pero dahil nga di nman akin ito... dahil sa iyo to... mananahimik nalang ako at hihintayin ang susunod pang kabanata.. heheh

ghee said...

heyy,I love this!!who`s the writer?

I like the way he wrote this..naiinlab ako! hehe!

Chapter III Evs,..inaabangan ko na,at nila!

ev said...

hahahah!tk...would you believe that he did this for me?grabeh!haba hair ko ano?kilig!kilig!hehe..oh wag ka na mang-intriga..di pa naman kami.

this has a long story...mmm, basta isa syang mabuting tao...mmmm..bibitinin muna kita kasi excited na rin ako sa tag mo!hehe

Art said...


Thanks for calling me very special. I am honored and humbled. Your friendship is a wonderful thing. I only wish I could write about it the way I feel, unfortunately I cannot. So much for beign a good poet I guess. When I read what you write, I hear the words of a poet. I am proud to be your friend and I am certain that I will be inspired to write more.