She was just a girl...

"The taming Of the Shrew"..this is one of the comic works of William Shakespeare. But to call my subject "Shrewd" is such an understatement. For me, she's just a girl already learning from experience. I say, "the tamed now being shrewd."

Five years back when i last saw the innnocence in her. She was only 15 then, so young and naive from experience. But she's a different person now. A lot different from whom i've known way back. She has become vibrant, outspoken, and already grown wild. At first, I could not recognize her. Her lips reddish, eyebrows shaven, eyes filled with intensifying color that bring out the soul in her...dressed up like a model. And i must say, she has learned from experience. She looks just like the one i see in magazines grown to be a woman i could have compared to a lioness...unafraid of what lies ahead.

But what fills me with much astonishment is when i find her in a very intriguing character, far from the girl that i once knew. I see her, I have witnessed her dilemma. Getting home from the nightlife activity, walking in zigzag till the wee hour of dawn.. drunk! I'm surprised...i have reached my adult life though encountered being home at dawn but never tried being at our doorstep drunk. Oh!that would be very unfair to compare myself to her. For me she's still a young girl. She should have been sent to school at her age..BUT.

They moved to Manila back in 2001 hoping to find better living. Her parents sent her to the realm of the Japanese at a very young age. She's pretty. She's got all the chance to get there. They faked her document to get an entrance to that place they thought that would save them from poverty. After twice of being sent there, their family realized that everything was temporal. But not her innnocence. Their little girl is already learning from experience. After five years of staying in Manila, they moved back here in Davao. They could not bear the cost of living in Manila. The poor turning into the poorest, rich to richest, frustrated to most frustrated, wild to most wild, wise to wisest...all down to the superlative level. But who's to blame? I'll hold my comment at that. Life is mysterious and full of challenge.

Now i know she's still filled with much questions in her life. Her "guide" as she grown to be a lady seemed to have led her the other way...not that she deserves to have. Well, it would be too blunt for me to say that i put all the blame to the parents. But there's no other way to make it more politically correct. But i know she's not yet totally ruined...she just need a strong grip from what is life...a life that is beautiful for a beautiful person in her just dreaming that she could help save her family from drowning in poverty.

( The girl i m referring is now 20 yrs. old...the same blood runs from our veins coz she is my cousin..)


Ann said...

She's only 20, it's not yet too late..marami pang magandang mangyayari sa buhay nya. She just needs guidance.

tutubing_karayom said...

Minsan kasi kahit mali at labag sa kalooban natin basta para sa family natin, wer willing to take all the chances dba?

Pero tama si My Ann, its not too late...

ev said...

tama ka, she's too young..she still has a long way to go..she just needs a lot of guidance from her parents. I hope she'll do better the next time. I want her to be taking the right road,i've had mistakes in my life but i am now a learned one and as much possible taking each step with much prayer...but as for her, life has more great things to offer for her. Nanibago lang talaga ako sa mga gawi nya now. But she's a good girl. Sweet kid..loving cousin and daughter. I just don't want her to be with influencial people in our society now..i mean the bad ones. Alam mo naman mga kabataan ngayon,mas aggressive sila. Natakot ako baka mapreggy ng maaga..may bf na kasi.

consistent honor student ka dito kaya may gift ka sa chrismast from me!!hehehe...may point ka rin, hinangad lang ng bata na makatulong sa pamilya..ganun naman tayo talaga pag pamilya na pag-uusapan..lahat tinataya natin for them. I just don't like the idea na kelangan ang anak ang tumubos sa pagkukulang at pinagkakautangan ng magulang. That would be unfair para sa mga anak. Responsibilidad pa rin sila ng mga magulang nila.What can you expect from a 15yr-old?na akala nya nuon madali lang ang buhay..pero di man madali in reality, lalo namang pinahirap ng magulang.

kneeko said...

bata pa pala nasabak na sa work... kaya pa yang magbago... andyan ka naman eh..

ghee said...

heyyy,well written,Evs!!
*applause*(the way you wrote it!)

it happens a lot!learning from your own experiences corrupts infancy.

Though,she has lots of chances.Its not the end of her world,in fact its just the beginning..

I wish the people around her give the attentions that she needs..TLC

ev said...

yup..so young and life has more to offer...i love my cousins.


thanks!tama ka learning from experinece corrupts infancy...nagsisisimula pa talaga sya...she is loved..yun nga lang baka ma-spoil.