One day at the Crocodile Park..

Welcome to our adventure! Here they are...weee!am scared of them, really.
The man in red was doing some tricks and exhibition for the visitors. He was walking on a thin rope while big mouths of the crocodiles were down under him in a pond, ready to devour him if ever he falls. But the man did well the whole time he was running in circus on a thin rope..while we were filled with such amazement. Bagtik kau ka Manong!hehe!
My family's just too brave to take a hold of that young predator (though safely tied)..but am not one them and so I was only content to take photographs the whole time.:D
I wonder what's this naked and bowed statue doing in this park..for whatever significance it brings, i guess he was confused too just as I was also confused for finding it there..LOL!

I like this quote..

(just click photo for clear view )

Yes, life is both a journey and an adventure.

Take care everyone!


Mari said...

That's one reptile I don't want to get close to. They scare the heck out of me.

ev said...

Mari, I am actually afraid of reptiles. Kinikilabotan ako sa features nila ewan koba.

the donG said...

i never tried holding one yet. because i've never been to a crocodile farm. only in a zoo.