a glimpse of Bes' Photography

Bes and I went on a Samal Island escapade and here are glimpses of my best friend's photography.
Catching the sunset..
I met Bes back in college as we were classmates when I was in first year. OUr friendship developed when she often came to me at the library, where I used to lounge. Trivia: I was in the library as oftne then not much to read but to take a good nap!hehe!! And in order not to be caught I would pretend to be covering my face with book stand with thick encyclopedia on it.:D

Bes is the most kulit person I've known back in college but the sweetest and outrageously friendly person I've known in the world. Lahat yata sa campus kilala nya. Pati yung crush ko sa college kinuhanan nya ng autograph for me inscribed on a candy paper.. haha!
As we were too thirsty upon reaching Samal on a very hot afternoon, we found a little bakeshop and took some refreshment...
I was surprised to see that the size of the bread was not ideally the one I expected. And so Bes took this photo for me as a remembrance..
Thank you Bes for this another great bonding moment! It took me longer to post this but it sure was a treasure for last. :)


Mari said...

I heard that bread sizes are getting smaller and smaller back there. The price, however, stays the same.

Those are great sunset shots, Ev.

Have a great day.

Nance said...

Love those photos, black on the foreground with a colored background! they are so dramatic! Thanks Bes for me, will you, ev?
(that was funny about you and the library) ;)

krystyna said...

Hi Ev,
some friends are forever, as your Bes. It's not often happen.

Great photos, and I like this kind of bread.

Have a very beautiful weekend!

the donG said...

i like the forms of those bread but not craving it to eat. i wonder how big they are.

maggie said...

hi day, kumusta na...lamia sa pan monay oii, when I was on my high school ito iyong snacks namin ng mga classmates ko...kay barato ra man he he he...ingat & God bless!

claire said...

magnificent shots! love the star bread best!!!

jei said...

i can almost taste the star bread. si lovi ba ang bes mo dito eve? ganda ng shots...

igvirene said...

Ganda ng shots!

ev said...


yeah, you're right..the size of bread and even that of Pandesal are no longer the ones we used to enjoy munching. It's their way of making the quantity of their products smaller because of the high price of flour. I can only hope that the quality of the bread remains the same.


Hehe!Looking back to being a student would sometimes make me smile. I will thank Bes personally for you for her great photos.:)


indeed!some friends go and only a few stays the same. Take care my friend!


haha!siguro nagsawa kana rin kasi maraming ganyan dito sa Pinas. You would be surprised how big is the difference bet. the breads' size before and now.

Ate marg,

salamat sa pagduaw..kahinumdom diay ka sa imo kaagi tong una kauban ang pan na pangmeryenda..hehe!lami ghapon pero gagmay na, di na makabusog ang usa lang.:D


thanks for coming back..it's been awhile. ako talaga actually ang di na makabloghop.hehe!


yep, these are lovely's shots. galing no? marami pa yan, huling adventure namin together last year pa.:)


awww!thanks thanks!keep visiting.:O

joan said...

hala, miss ko na ang star bread...hehehe