white hair

It's been months already since mama decided to move back to papa's hometown. She just loves the quiet life it offers there than living in a city life. For some times mother would come and visit, still trying to attend to her church activities being a devout Catholic. I could not measure the hard work, patience and dedication that my mom puts in everything she does. However, there are times when we would argue on matters concerning her health since she worries much on other things than her personal needs. But every piece of advice from us would most often turn out to be just a poor attempt. Sometimes I feel like she's the busiest person in the world. And I despise it when I see her having too much anxieties about things. And yet, there's nothing we can do than understand finding her already overly sensitive when being reprimanded. At her age, I feel like she needs much to be understood most often than being put into question.

In one of her visits, I noticed that her white hair has grown in number. I remember those times when she used to have her hair dyed every once in a while. But then it seems to me that this time, she has stopped feeling conscious about it. I know my mother so well and all the things that hurt her and made her smile. I know her so well that sometimes I couldn't help but worry about our distance and for trying to live her life independently with papa away from us. Seeing her white hair seems telling me that it's time to have her and papa back home again. But she has been very persistent in choosing the kind of lifestyle that she's always wanted. And I wouldn't be surprised at all to see her again with her white hair even growing in numbers. Those white hair no longer telling me that it's time to have them back home again but already reminding me of the fruits of a mother's labor back when we were younger and of her unfading love.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world!


ann said...

Ako ev ang aga kong nagkaroon ng white hair, dati conscious talaga ako, pero ngayon conscious pa rin...hahaha!

ev said...

haha!miss you mmy ann.:)

krystyna said...

Your mom must be proud to be your mom, I'm sure.

I wish good health and many blessings to your dear Mom.