I learned..

"When you have the urge to say something blunt, leave half a sentence unsaid; although all rights and reasons are on your side; allow your opponent three parts out of ten."
T.C. Lai, "Chinese Couplets"

When someone says something so mean to us, most of our natural reaction as human is to defend our wounded pride. We rationalize and even act on impulse. But an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth isn't always the best way to win back our hurt ego. I learned that sometimes we have to leave some things unsaid for there is more of a depth in silence than in the cacophony of a wounded soul. In this world, people will always have their own judgment, regardless. It is not an easy thing just keep quiet at the triggering thought of knowing you have the right to reason out... but the truest intention of one's heart is most often the sure way to keeping your integrity intact as a person.

Thank God that I find true solace in this little contemplation...even if people in the shallow of their understanding and in their insensitivity at times, their words hurt.

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wITChy Boop said...

you know bes, thats actually my realization when I hurt nancy's feeling. if i could only turn back the time.
pero sige lang, at least I learned my lessons.

joan said...

kinsa man diay nangaway sa imo kay balangon nato? heheh..seriously, sometimes some people are too immature and shallow para patulan natin..pag binato ka raw ng bato, batuhin mo rin ng hollow blocks. hehehe

igvirene said...

Aww, sorry for the pain.. That's part of growing up anyway! hehe.. People sometimes are very insensitive and we should not grudge them for that. We have to understand them as they have not grown up quite enough to be sensitive to other people's feelings. :)

By the way, thanks for dropping a comment on my blog.


wITChy Boop said...

yun nga jo eh, napakaimmature kong tao.. nyeheheheee

joan said...

ayy...apil diay ka ato labs? hahaha! btaw oi, i followed those posts in ur blog. but that was over. ang importante nagising ka, labs. our friends do get crazy sometimes. but when it happens, let's not judge and run away from them. instead, let's just be ready to visit them in psychiatric hospitals. hehehe..(hala, dre na man hinuon ta nag-chika sa blog ni evs..hehe)

wITChy Boop said...

bitaw... natuwog pa man tingali si bes?

jei said...

joan ug loves, sabaan kaayo mo.

i particularly like the quote by T.C. Lai. i think it's a very important lesson. i'm not really a war-freak kind of a person and if there's one thing i hate the most, it's confrontations. i don't know, but oftentimes, i keep mum about how i feel even if it's hurting me already. i'm not much of a talker and i do have this belief that it's better to keep quiet than to say things i will regret someday. i thought it's a sign of weakness but your post made me realize that it's not.