Thank you, God...

Thank you dear God for the gift of life.I have no idea how my mother struggled to have me lived a very healthy baby for nine months in her womb and breathe me out of this world. And I am sorry for all those times when I would hurt her feelings only because I dont need her nagging advice. I am sorry when I was being stubborn and insensitive. Being a mother is not easy.I must know that...and realize even more.

Thank you loving Father for my family and friends. When Jesus was on earth, He must be questioning too being born human who His real families and friends are...because some people in His time were even doubting His motives. And yet, He remained humble and steadfastly believing that You will never leave Him. I wish to practice the same kind of faith esp. when things in life dont turn out the way I want it...and when things hurt.

Thank you God... and that even when there were times when I walked out of your way, you never lose sight of me and have me back into your control. Sometimes I admit that its just too hard to pray.And maybe because most of my petitions are all about me and all my personal cares..when my prayer instead should have been for the helpless. I am sorry when my prayers turned out to be selfish most often.Sometimes I felt so ashamed to have asked for too much from you and yet I give less of me in return. I know you're not expecting too much from me. You simply want be a better person and follower of your words.

Loving Father, help me realize that I must learn to share myself unselfishly to others so that they too will have fullness. And that living is not just simly having three to four meals in a day ,enjoy my hard work earnings, have fun with friends till wee hour and shop till i get satisfied with the latest fashion. But then let me realize that living is what i can give and how much i can give of myself to others so their emptiness will be filled... without counting for something in return. Just as You do.

Thank you for the luxury of this earth that you so freely gave and have us to enjoy though temporarily. Thank you for making me one of your tenants. I hope I have shared even a bit of me to other people. So that my life on earth will have meaning. Dear God, help me realize...that I am here with a purpose. Thank you for the talents and the wisdom that are meant to be shared. I dont just simply exist I know. I am meant to live so that other people will have reason to live too...for "No man is an island".

And so I thank you once again dear God...for the gift of life.Amen.


gladys said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you

How old are you?

..ningkanta ko ha..unya i'm the first one to post here.

I love you friend and even if i'm a lil bit far right now, know that i'm thinking of you and sheng and i'm wishing y ou all the best that life can offer on this day and onwards.

More candles to blow and more belssings.

Happy birthday ulit and love yah!


Shoshana said...

Happy birthday Ev! Those are very nice sentiments. Your Mom must be proud of you for learning those things early.

Betty Boop said...

In your Birthday the most important place to be is right here with you. I may not beside you that hour but I was glad we were able to celebrate the first seconds of your big day. We had no "us time" together since we were so busy with our own lives but you know I'm still blessed and happy because I saw you growing to be a strong woman. Yun lang naman ang importante di ba Bes, that you would be able to see someone you love and important to you happY. I CAN NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY BES KASI OPHRA TOLD ME THAT HAPPINESS IS A DECISION. So sa nikikita ko naman, after days of communicating with you eh, pinili mong maging masaya ngayon.

Teka, yung pinabasa mo sa akin kagabi... napaisip ako dun huh!

English to fren..... gagamitin ko na ang pagiging Masscom ko. hehehe

Grammaris, above all, a system of thought and perception, the way the world is defined and primary relationships are percieved. Some languages, unlike the Indo-European ones, do not seperate subject and verb so that an action is never seen as distinct from the actor. Someone born into languages necessarily percieves the world differently than do those of us who always see an object and an action as distinct. Emnglish does not assign gender to nouns, but in other languages, one is surrounded by differentiation between male and female. This conditions influence who we are and how we think. And so our language is a great part of who we are. To see what is possible, we must on occassion, get out from the under linguistic conditioning , and at other times, we must embrace tradition inorder to discover our collective voice. Creativity oscilates between what is given and what can be discovered, between what is unique, between the known and the knowable and the unknown and unknowable.

I would like also to express my admiration to your fren TK. Infact, I am her fan. She write well in filipino. Walang kiyeme, simpleng simple pero hanep ang galing nya Bes!

It has been months that I was following her blog and after reading the comment last night from your article in wow Gensan, I was really thinking of TK. Here ways and her creativity.

Grabeee... TK gawa mo naman ako ng web... hehehe joke lang.

Hirap maging deep. Huh!!!

Betty Boop said...

Oi.... yung ibang spelling bes namali yata... di bali na, sabta na lang... dili unta masaag si Joel hehehe

Betty Boop said...

1.Here ways- dapat her ways
2.Grammaris-dapat grammar is
3.Oscilates-dapat oscillates
Isulat ko lang ang mga correction baka pagalitan ako ni Maam Pendor....

Tikey said...

Before anything else i would like to greet you a maligayang maligayang kaarawan sayo kaibigan. Alam ko diman tayo magkita ng mata sa mata, maligaya at nagagalak ang puso ko na nagkakadamahan tayo ng puso sa puso..

Sa bawat pag tibok ng puso kasabay sa pagdaloy ng san mig sa ating mga dugo patuloy ang pag agos hanggang sa kasingit singitan ng aking mga kuko, tandaan mo na hindi ako malalasing...

Hangad ko ang iyong kaligayahan, at naway ibigay nani Lord ang pinakahihiling mong.. Adan... malay moba, hinuhulma nanya ito para sayo.. kaya mag antay kalang jan sa tabi ng kawayan baka biglang lumabas si Malakas... kung sakaling si Maganda nman ang lumabas, abay mas magaling at least me makakasama ka ng chumikka at hindi boring hindi ba?

at ang haba daw ng comment ko.. hamo bertdey mo nman.. ginagaya ko si Betty boop. infairness ha, mukhang ganadong ganado sya sa pag komento at na extra pa ako...

Maraming salamat Betty Boop, at pinalaki mo ang aking dibdib este ang aking puso, pinapalakpak mo ang aking tenga at akoy naglulundag sa saya. Hindi magkamaliw sa pag beautiful eyes ng aking mga mata dahil sa iyong komento..

Hamo pag nakagat ako ng spider at naging si Spider woman ako gagawan kita ng Web... madali lang gawin un.. pero ngayong isa lang akong TK template lang ng iyong blog ang maihahandog ko para sayo..

Salamat.. salamat .. salamat Musika.. (Ev, sayo galing ang line na ito..)

Happy BErtdey kaibigan! muahhh! dali dali blow the cake,, bago ko maubos..

ev said...

Tya Gladys,

I wish there's more to saying thank you for how blessed I am with friends...not just mere friends but true friends who are always ready to stand by me thru good and bad times.

i miss you already...hope that distance will not be a hindrance to this very rewarding frienship that sheng, you and i have started. I love you too my friend.

ingat ka lagi...you're in my prayer!

Salamat talaga sa lahat...this is not the end of our pact...we have just started to make it last a lifetime even when we're miles apart. God bless you in all ways!


i do really admit that i was being stubborn sometimes...and its making me feel guilty when its my mother who will be the first one to get affected with my mood...maybe because i am just too secure of her love for me and that no matter what, she will always be there for me despite. I really do hope that she would be proud of me and how i have grown to be a tough and matured person...well, at my age, i must be matured enough, though. hehe!Thanks shan!It feels great.

My ever loyal betty boop,

Our friendship may not be as plausible as it may seem. Being able to stand the test of time..the distance and all that comes between , i know we still get to fall short of each other's expectations. We have now our own lives to attend to. You are happy in your married life while i choose to be happy being single.

I still think of you bes even when you seem to be out of reach sometimes. Because you are my best friend and you are a part of me. Not just an ordinary one who came instantly and touch my life but you know all the things that we went thru back in college. Our frienship has stood the test of times. And i am happy now that we are even making it the best. Well, as a saying goes, "friends are like wine, they get better as they get older." i hope i remember the phrase right..hehe. Naa na koy memory gap bes!andam na ko budget ani ug prime...bawal ang pork at kung ano pang mga bawal..bwahahaha!admitance na jud ni akoa ba..dili na mahila pabalik tunga2x sa calendar theory...hehe!Kapyot na jud ko anig taman.

Anyway, yah, Ophra is right, absolutely right.."happiness is a decision" and i thank you for being a big part of that happiness. There may be an empty space in one deepest corner of my heart because of someone (whom i respect and cherish still..wherever he may be) I want you to know friend that I still thank him for once in my life, he made me the happiest. How can i ever trade that experience. he's still one of the reasons of my smiles. And i dont care how other people might judge me over my feelings. Thanks for the wonderful conversation bes. Know that i love you so...you are a family to me and will always be a big part of me.

And so fasten your seat belt..xena and gabrielle..are coming thier way!nyahaha!

dont be too conscious of your grammar and spelling...but we better be concious of our attitude towards people right?that's all that matters. Take care...

Tikey dear,

hahahahaha!binuo mo na naman ang araw ng isang eba na hinahanap si adan!bwhahahaha!loka-loka ka talaga tiks...kaya mahal na mahal kita kaibigan. Idinaan mo man sa biro ang iyong mensahe but i want you to know that "it means a lot to me". Wala na akong masabi maliban sa isang mapagkumbaba kong "pasasalamat" dahil pangalawang kaarawan ko na ito dito sa blogword ngunit anjan ka parin tutubi ko. Saan ka man madapo, akoy taos pusong nagpapasalamat na bumabalik ka pa rin sa aking bango!naks!feel ko talaga akoy isang napakamahalimuyak na bulaklak at ang tutubing tulad mo ay naging bubuyog!nyahahaha!

Salamat tiks!kung sanay abot kamay lang kita...kukurutin kita dahil ang cute cute mo talaga!!kaya naman iniidolo ka ngayon ng kaibigan kong matalik na si betty boop.

Yah, its really a happy beerday to me...and so let's cheers to that!!

ghee said...

waaahhhh,nasaan ako ngayong pinakamahalagang araw sa buhay mo??

my bad....

hanep naman ang comment ni Tikey dito,uber iksi yata..

happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy Birthday,Ev!belated na ba?

sana,malapit ka lang dito,para na treat naman kita ng sushi,hmm,no ba ang type mo?steak?italian food?o yung mismong italian?hehe,biro lang po,im trying n pasayahin ka kahit na late na ako dito..baka jap ang type mo?hehe,ang kulit ko kaya?

more bdays to come,mah frend!God bless you even more!!!


kneeko said...

bday mo nga hehehe... happy bday again... 37 ka na di ba? hahahaha

ev said...

thanks a lot itlog na maalat,still matamis batang makulit!!!hahahaa!invent ako ng tula ghee..esp. for u.hehehe!

better late than never,right?hehe!

thanks fren..really i appreciate everything..down to the little details of knowing you guys!i must be lucky..hmmm..i dont eat sushi pero kung ikaw ang gagawa for me malamang kakain ako!hehe!lab u fren!

kahit pinatanda mo ako magpapasalamat pa rin ako at dumaan ka dito dahil na-convince kita na totoong birthday ko!loko ka talaga!ang sarap kurutin nyang dimples mo!haha!

krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
This is my first reading post this morning and I can tell that I'm very happy and my soul is lifted.
What a wonderful prayer and very touching, friendly comments from your great friend! Congratulations!

Happy Birthday to You!