I was late. No matter how many times i would take a look at my watch, its tiny hands that keep ticking couldn't do any to change the matter. It was already ten in the morning and I was supposed to reach the place at exactly nine. I was on my way then to extend service in the School for the Blind as one of our outreach programs in school.

Upon reaching the place, I searched for the 14-year-old blind girl whom I used to call "Immaculate". She always wears this tidy and innocent look which reminded of the image of the Virgin Mary. She was sitting in one corner. Upon hearing my voice, I was so touched how she recognized me so easily when in fact she only met me once. She spoke gently while offering the seat beside her. I smiled and nodded.And though I knew she was unaware of how i responded, inside of me was the hope that she could feel my sincerity. "Ate, can you make a poem for me?", she asked politely. "Sure!I'd be very glad to!", I replied with excitement.

As we conversed cheerfully, I swear my eyes were fixed at her countenance so intently. I could never detect any trace of loneliness in it. She just seemed so happy and content. I was even surprised to hear her able to narrate her life to me before this institution became her home. A blind girl telling me with such tenacity the tough things she went through without a sound of regret from her voice. The institution has been her home ever since she was a child, that is why she has skillfully mastered doing things sightless with just those remaining senses left in her to create and imagine pictures.

While part of her life came into the open, I asked how she'd handled problems. She simply replied with a smile, "I don't have any problem that's too much for me to bear for when i'm in, I know God is with me.I know He will carry me." I was lost for words upon hearing those lines and ignored how i might bear the shame and made the effort to smile. Once in my life, I know I took God for granted.And so when problems would rally on me, I would end up whining thinking I could hardly deal with them. And then suddenly, there's this 14-year-old blind girl who ironically switched on the light for me. On my way home, I could still hear Immaculate's words. I never thought that that would my greatest realization. "I thought I was the one who saw the light. I was wrong..."


ghee said...

very touching story,Ev..and its great coz of your writing skill :)

totoo nga yata na mas mapalad ang mga dukha at ang mga taong kapos sa biyaya ng Dyos,physically speaking...

mas maliit ang mga problema nila,pinaliliit dahil sa laki ng pananampalataya nila...

nice post,Ev!!keep it up,mah frend!love you!!

are you going somewhere?you said"be missing you"...

Tikey said...

ay ay ay... arayyyyyyyyy

girl, u knw wat i mean... huhu

ghee said...

Tikey,I dont know what u mean,hehe..
wala lang,nakikigulo lang..
where are you na ba,Ev?miss you na..tanggap ka dun sa inapplayan mo?wish you the best mah frend!!muahh!

ev said...

am back!!!hindi ako natanggap sa application ko sa "Pinoy Big Brother ghee!!", overqualified ako!!;0)

miss u guys!!