A reality check...

Yesterday was sunday. And it's a wonderful feeling to be able to fight against the tempting moment of waking up late since it was holiday. And since the church is just a walking distance from home, i managed to get there first thing on a fine sunday morning. There i was, sitting quietly in one corner waiting for the mass to begin. I felt strange actually. I don't know. It's been a long time since I sat there early in the morning. While i searched for familiar faces, i noticed a wheelchair in front of me. Somehow i got curious who was that fellow sitting there, what i only saw was a lady's hair braided so well. The mass started finally so my attention switched on to the ceremony and forgot about my curiosity. The sermon of the priest in connection with the Gospel reading was all about humility and service to others.

Being a catholic since, it has never been an issue to me what relegion brings the good news best/better. There is no relegion that can transform an individual to a christlike attitude than the one already renewed by pure love to God ,no matter how the teachings in one's church goes. Anyway, i felt good singing and responding to the Eucharistic mass and seemed proud to have been given such a chance to worship and praise from my own will. I felt a sense of fulfillness in my spiritual aspect on that day. And being able to sing with the hymns is a plus. But then, when it's time to say "peace" to the people around me, i felt a little discontent coz very few around me responded and showed a welcoming smile. But who am i to judge their motives anyway?

When it was time to receive the holy communion, i mixed myself in a row with my fellow churchgoer. After then, i went back to my chair only to realize that my curiosity about the lady in a wheelchair was answered. I saw her at last. But very far from what i expected and thought to be a woman in her later years. She's in her early teen years! She could hardly move and her head just facing straight while a tube connected on her nose. A sobbering thought crept on me. And then i realize, out of my weird imagination: Just how many of us at that very moment in complete sense, able to walk, dance,sing and worship God and yet busy for something else than being in church for just an hour! " And then here is a young girl, half- paralyzed, giving me a realization that life is really precious. So while still able to go and worship God by myself without a wheelchair or a cane, i've to grab it.

What a realization! But to get a reality check, seeing the young girl, brings such symbolical meaning in one's christian life. And i hope it's not yet too late for everyone of us.


tutubing_karayom said...

Kaya we should be very thankful to God na at least tayo hindi na natin kelangan ng wheelchair para makapamasyal, chinelas lang at pwede na tayong amg lakad. simple things na akala natin ay alang kwenta pero para sa iba e napakahalaga, kaya dapat pahalagahan din natin.

Art said...

Masaya ako that you are so thankful. Hindi ko naiintindihan why anyone would not want to give God thanks. Kailangan ko ang tulong from Him each day. Nasaan God's loyal servants on Sunday? Gusto ko po to be a light for others to see they way. So I try to do what it right. Tanggapin what God has for me is all I want. This is a wonderful post Ev, it reminds us or how fortunate we are.

razzy said...

Minsan, bakit napakihar ibigay ang isang oras sa loob ng isang linggo? Ewan ko ba, sa tuwing pupunta ako ng simbahan, madalas kong makita ang mgataong, ewan ko kung bakit nagpunta..

Wala naman sa puso nag pagsimba, hayan at maya't mayang tinitingnan ang cell phone, hindi mapakali kapag napakahaba ng homily..

We are there to praise God, to somehow give thanks, dahl sa life na meron tayo.. Nakakalungkot lang na ang karamihan ay hindi naisasapuso ang isang oras para sa Kanya..

ev said...

ang ganda ng reflection mo!and you are absolutely right!bow ako sayo...minsan nga nakakaguilty coz we are never satisfied most of the times..yun pala, di lang tayo nakapagpasalamat dahil we want to pull things our way always..self-centered talaga ang tao by nature..we sometimes overlooked what are already given to us by God.

i'm glad how much you tried to speak our language..its very complimenting..thanks! We really need His divine intervention each day of our lives becoz we are weaklings talaga...and we are really fortunate in all ways, you're right!

you have such a keen way of observing people's motives inside the church...it's very realistic! minsan di mo alam kung nagsimba lang para magpacute or just to show off, nakakainis pag nakakita ako ng laging nakatingin sa cellphone,nuon namang di pa uso ang celfon kaya naman natin di ba?bakit ngayon parang ang hirap i-give up ang isang bagay for just an "hour" in fact for HIM...but it's existing...wonderful comment razz!God bless us!

ghee said...

Ouchhh,timaan ako...tagl ko na ring di nakakapunta sa church..

minsan kase,kelangan pa yatang magbigay ng malaking dagok si Lord sa tin,bago sha mapansin...

oh well...weekly naman ako sa church kaya lang di nakakaattend ng mass,but our priest here is an american and very easy to talk and get along with.

ev said...

there is nothing much to be guilty frenship ghee...kung nasa puso mo naman sya palagi, walang problema sa spiritual aspect mo...kaya lang minsan kelangan talaga natin magpasalamat sa Kanya in a highest form of worship which is the celebration of the holy Eucharist.

miss u na fren!

agring said...

In my own opinion we don't have to go to church to Thank God. We can thank and praise God everywhere, anywhere. God is everywhere. Many churchgoer are just there because it's a tradition.
Maalala lang ang panginoon pag may kailangan. We should Thank God everyday. Sorry if I offended anyone!

ev said...

ms. agring,

i am glad you share yor opinion with us...and there is no wrong opinion here. Yes, God is just everywhere and we have to give thanks to Him each day of our lives.

thanks sa pagdalaw mo uli sa haus ko...very much appreciated

ann said...

I am not that religious when I was still in the Phils. I'm proud to say That I met Him and fully understand His words in a place wherein worshipping Him is prohibited.

ev said...

ann, we dont have to be really religious to prove how much faith we have in God. What matters is that you have known and acknowledged Him in your life.